About 2 weeks ago the boyfriend and I went to a baseball game with some friends including a friend couple, Q&M. The boyfriend (who will get a better introduction when I get around to writing that everything-you-need-to-know post) has been friends with Q since college. This is a long time considering that the boyfriend is practically ancient (just kidding! He’s only 30. Or am I kidding…). Anyway, Q moved away for a couple of years to get his master’s during which he met M and they started dating. They’ve been together probably 2 1/2 – 3 years now. 

Anyway, the boyfriend had mentioned a few months ago that he thought that Q was perhaps falling a little out of love with M (as evidenced by the fact that Q was refusing to move in with M), but it never came up again and they stayed together and were even talking a bit about moving to another city together. 

Back to the present, we all go to the baseball game, much fun is had, and we take lots of pictures which I promise to paste on facebook but don’t get around to pasting on facebook until today because HELLO? busy week. Q was visiting the boyfriend this weekend and the boyfriend just called to tell me that my timing is impeccable because Q has decided actually he doesn’t love M anymore and is going to break up with her, likely in the very, very new future. And now I have posted all of these happy couple pics online that M has tagged herself in and that are all over feeds and profile pages and all that fun stuff. 

And now I feel bad, but obviously can’t do anything because, talk about making a bad situation worse. I really wish the boyfriend had not decided to share this with me.