The boyfriend is being snotty today. The first time I talked to him today he made a crack about my moving style (it involved the word “caravan” which was completely an exaggeration-you’ll have to see my post formally introducing him for more detail on this one, (and yes I realize said post doesn’t exist yet), but suffice it say, he fancies himself a “minimalist” and thinks I have too much stuff), then the second time, he was using his exasperated “fifi I think you are handling this extremely poorly” tone of voice after I asked his advice on something (I am trying to sell my couch to his friend and the boyfriend is getting involved with the price negotiations. However, I think he tends to make things a little more complicated than they need to be). When I called him on it, he basically said he didn’t feel like having this conversation twice in one day and told me that I am the one being pissy (!!!!). I am annoyed.

Update: Just talked to the boyfriend and he is still being pissy and I am still annoyed. I am planning on driving up to New York tomorrow because his parents are being very kind and letting me store some thing in their basement until I move up there officially in the fall. However, I also have to work tomorrow and so won’t be able to leave until 3-4-ish. boyfriend thinks my priorities are out of order and doesn’t end understand why I am still working when I should be driving up at 11-12 so he can come out to Long Island and help me move things from the car into the basement (he said I am inconveniencing him when I should be the one inconvenienced because he is doing me a favor). I told him that I managed to get everything into my car and I can get everything out if my time frame doesn’t work for him. Good times.