What I Said Was Going To Be Done By The End Of Today:

1) Photos
2) Books
3) Decorative items (vases, candles, etc.)
4) DVDs
5) Desk stuff
6) Photo albums
8) Beer (Somehow I have like 2 cases of beer in my apartment. If you were to look in my fridge, you would think that I both a) live in a frat house and b) am a college age male. All the beer is going to D for her to use at the summer BBQs she throws for her coworkers).

Also, I was supposed to have cleaned out my storage unit (where my suitcases and skis live), printed out my bar handwriting sample paperwork, and rounded up everything I need to take to Goodwill.

What ACTUALLY Is Done:

Numbers 1, 4, 6 and half of 3 from the packing list. I also printed out my bar handwriting sample paperwork.

I am screwed.