four boxes of books. Just of books. And that is after I thinned out the herd, making sure to keep only books that I love and reread. 

What does this tell us? 

1) I love to read obviously. And, despite being in law school for the past three years, still found time to read a lot. 

2) Again, I am screwed. I have NO idea how I am going to get everything home, much less where it is all going to live once it gets there.

Also, I have only packed three boxes today because I got stuck working until 7. I could be packing more now (I’m in the ZONE) except for the fact that I ran out of packing tape (way to plan ahead, fifster). Apparently I have no choice except to retire to bed with the new Vanity Fair (the Madre is going to kill me if she has to help pack). It is a good thing that this blog is anonymous – am currently trying to con various friends into helping me pack and they might be much less sympathetic if they could read about my procrastination and general laziness.