Also, since I am venting:

(I know this is a week overdue, but it needs to be said)

Dear Pennsylvania,

We’ve had a long relationship, stretching back these past 5 years (the amount of time I’ve had a car in DC), with me stimulating the PA economy with my toll money and you providing a safe (although a little extra shoulder never hurt anyone – anyone familiar with the PA turnpike knows the joys of driving concrete barrier-semi-you-concrete barrier) and quick path between Cleveland and DC. However, the fact that you’ve seen fit to turn the PA turnpike into one giant speedtrap?* Not cool. I understand this is a recession, etc. etc., but surely you can find better uses for your fleet of highway patrol rather than having them figure out new and better ways to hide** from unsuspecting and (somewhat) innocent drivers. 

xo, fifi

*The Breezewood-Ohio border stretch of the PA turnpike (a significant chunk) is no longer consistently a 65 mph zone. Instead the speed limit alternates between 55 and 65 the whole way, often with no warning and few signs. Obviously these are old work zones where the state hasn’t updated the signs, but the highway patrol certainly seem to be enforcing the old work zone speed limits. 

**I saw multiple officers in my rearview mirror move to better hide behind bridges and around corners. It’s hard to explain, but you know this kind of fishing when you see it. Trust me.