We have had terrible thunderstorms on and off here for the last few days. Normally, I would be a little upset about this since one of the lovely things about moving home was access to my parents’ pool and, by extension, lots of sunbathing and a golden glow. However, every year for Mother’s Day we get my mom lots of flowers and other plants and last Friday we planted everything. Guess who got nominated to give everything a good soaking every day for a week so the new additions could get settled in and put down nice, strong roots? That would be me. Guess who has been off the hook for the last few days because of aforementioned torrential downpours? Me again. It’s great.

I leave you with a picture of someone who is not enjoying said thunderstorms. This is a picture from Easter because thunderstorms generally find him hiding in a box or under a bed somewhere and those pictures aren’t nearly as cute. 

catOne of my parents’ three adorable cats – he would be extremely happy if these thunderstorms with their evil thunder and lightening would just go away permanently, thankyouverymuch.