Despite the fact that other events overshadowed what happened Saturday night – I was pretty burnt out and ended up passing out shortly after the game began – the Cavs loss is obviously quite unfortunate. Following my “stay positive” mantra, I was completely convinced that we would pull off another nail-biter in Orlando, come home and definitively win the series in Cleveland and that this would give us the motivation and that extra something to beat the Lakers and win the Championship, thereby bringing a championship to Cleveland for the first time in 45 years.* And that would be how it was meant to be. 

Obviously not. 

But we are Clevelanders and so we are temporarily bummed, but then shrug it off, saying, “I like our chances for next year.” 

Next year is the year. Obviously.

Now how ’bout those Indians? Go Tribe!

*And yes I realize that is a bit of a run-on sentence and a wee bit to long. Be glad I didn’t throw in a semi-colon; the boyfriend hates it when I get started on the semi-colons.