So you know when you walk by an A&F store* and you are accosted by a heavy wave of A&F signature scent wafting out the doors?

Right. That is my house right now. 

The Madre and I were downstairs in the family room watching Law and Order studying (Whatever. It was totally educational and relevant to the Bar.Bri crim law/pro. lectures of the last 2 days), when we noticed that suddenly the room smelled suspiciously like Axe body spray. Seeing as the Bro had left for the evening and was not, say, sitting right next to us or anything, we investigated, following the scent upstairs. Judging by the fact that the scentt grew stronger and stronger as we made our way to Ground Zero (the bathroom the Bro and I share), we suspected that he had to have broken a bottle or spilled or something. He could not just be wearing the contents of said bottle. Right?

There was no spill. Clearly, an intervention is necessary. 

*If you actually go into said store, you have a much less sensitive nose than I do   are a teenager are a stronger person than I am. Although I did, once upon a time in my youth, actually SHOP there, clearly I have fully succumbed to old age since I cannot even walk by the store now (in an open-air shopping center no less) without feeling slightly nauseous due to the fact that seem to pour bottles upon bottles of their signature scent into their air circulation systems.