I did a big Costco run with the parents last Friday night (why, yes, I am indeed that cool and obvs. have many, many exciting things to do on my weekend nights) and we stocked up on lots of yummy treats. One of the nice things about being home is that there are four of us to eat things so shopping in bulk is practical in a way that it never was for me living alone. I used to buy things like water at Costco (I do heart Costco. The one in DC, although located conveniently 5 minutes from my apartment, was always crazy busy and crowded – usually with restauranteurs – but the one here is quite nice), but never really took complete advantage of bulk buying because I just can’t eat that much in a reasonable time period.

So anyway, we bought tons of fish and fruit and good stuff, including a big pack of Chobanis, which I was excited to try since the price was great and they seem pretty popular on the food blog circuit. I absolutely adore Fage and, when given the opportunity, purchase the peach individual-serving. Considering that I am currently on a bar-studying budget (i.e. am essentially broke), the Chobani deal was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan. The Chobani seems pretty thin and lacks the heft of the Fage. The flavor is also not as distinct as the Fage – if I didn’t know that the Chobani was Greek yogurt, I would just think it was regular plain old yogurt. And the fruit is just not as nice as the Fage fruit. I am a wee bit disappointed.

But ANYWAY, now that I’ve digressed into a Greek yogurt comparison, that is not the point of this post. What I really wanted to tell you about was dinner tonight. One of the other purchases at Costco was a bag of edamame, which the Madre wanted to try and she suggested that we have some with dinner last night. Everyone enjoyed them, but the Madre thought it was way too much work. Why, you might ask, considering that she just had to dump the pods into a pot of boiling water, cook them for 4-5 min, drain, salt, and serve?

Because she shelled them. 

I tried explaining that we could have just eaten them as they were, but she thought that the pods looked gross and that no one would want to put them in their mouths. Clearly we will have to work on this.

It is good to be home 🙂