Apparently the house across the street may have been broken into sometime this morning. The police officer who came over to ask us if we had seen anything suspicious told us that there was a robbery, although since I have now learned (thanks Bar.Bri – I never took Crim. Law in law school, just Crim. Pro.) that since robbery is a crime against the person (and no one was home here) and this was a crime against property, this would likely be a burglary with larceny as the felony (do you want more? because I can give you more 🙂 ). However, not being one to intentionally quibble with police officers, I let that point go. 

Now that I am done entertaining myself, which is really why I’m here writing (indeed Mr. “this was a completely pointless…………” Comment, I’m sure what I write about is completely pointless to you, but I crack me up), I do have to ask:

Was it really necessary to send FOUR police cars for this? We live in the suburbs.*

*The Madre thinks this is likely the most excitement these officers are likely to see until the weekend and they can break up high school/college parties.