…pictures of cute kitties? And an excuse for a post with pictures?

And so I introduce you to my cats: S, C, and L. All are, as you can see, quite adorable. 

SI may look all cute and sweet, but if you wake me up, I will cut you. Don’t believe me? Ask the Vet. Am banned from boarding at the Vet.*

CLook at how looooong I am. Am all muscle. Am practically a panther. 

LI am not boring and do not sleep in photos. I PLAY! Am FUN!

*S is capable of striking fear in even the most seasoned of animal care employees, despite the fact that she weighs like 7 pounds. The last time they all boarded there, the boarding people made my dad go in and retrieve S from her kitty condo at the end of their stay. The Madre thinks S is just terribly misunderstood.