So even though this is not a food blog (although I’m thinking about doing a “what fifi eats every day” post and I may post super-yummy things from time to time), as you can see from my blogroll, I do read several food blogs and am always on the lookout for ways to add good stuff to my diet. 

The latest experiment is with Amazing Grass: I’ve seen it pop up on different blogs (Healthy Tipping Point, for example) and was curious to try it. I even have the perfect easy way to try it: my dad is very health conscious (we were eating multigrain bread WAY before it got trendy) and, among other things, drinks a protein shake with banana and 2% milk every morning and now that I’m home, he makes me a glass every morning as well (this practice dates back to my track and cross-country days in high school). Anyway, the powder he uses has good muscle stuff, but is pretty lacking in vitamins so I figured we could add some AG and have a perfect breakfast fuel. When he read up on the AG, he was pretty excited so I envisioned smooth sailing ahead.

Unfortunately, I think I should have bought a flavored version of the AG, (such as the chocolate – the man loves chocolate) instead of going with the green version (I was so sure I would love the green version that I bought the big container, instead of the small container. Lesson learned). With the banana and the milk and the whey protein, the taste isn’t overpowering, but it’s definitely something to get used to. It tastes maybe a little like green tea. Dad is skeptical, (the look on his face when he was describing the taste was pretty funny), but is agreeing to tough it out for the sake of vitamins and being healthy. I have a pretty awesome dad.