So in an effort to combat the AG, my dad decided to add some frozen berries to the morning shake. Obviously adding more good stuff is always great so I am on board with this development. Unfortunately, he still seems pretty skeptical of the AG. He admitted today that it didn’t taste too bad,* but I think he is freaked out by the fact that no matter what he adds to the shake, the AG wins out, color-wise. He kept repeating: “It’s green.” So we’ll see if this is a hurdle we can overcome.

*I think it is definitely an acquired taste. I started from a stronger point than he did because this weekend when I brought the AG home, I was so excited to try it that I thought I would just follow the directions on the can and mix it in with some water. BIG mistake. (When I type that, it sounds like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman in the store interlude to the “Pretty Woman” montage in my head. I realize that is completely irrelevant, but I thought you might like to know where my head is). It took me 2 hours and several infusions of cranberry juice to get it down. The shake is a HUGE improvement. Seriously. If you are just starting out with the AG, do NOT just mix with water and drink. Baby steps, people, baby steps.