I refrained from writing about this on here because a) I would really, really like her to go away because I find her incredibly annoying in a hypocritical and famewhorey kind of way, but know that she won’t so long as she is getting publicity and b) find her/the whole situation to be something of a tempest in a teacup. Regardless of her personal beliefs (which while I disagree with them, fully respect her rights to think as she wishes), the woman is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Her “answer,” while no Miss Teen South Carolina, was just stupid. I realize these competitions aren’t, say, moot court competitions, where an intelligent and well-thought out answer taking a strong position is expected, but I still think believe that if these women are supposed to be role models for young girls, their answers shouldn’t rest on “I believe.” If anything, we should all have just shook our heads over that and moved on.

But ANYWAY. So I think it is good that she is being fired, not for her beliefs, but for failing to, you know, actually fulfill her contractual obligations (although I’m sure Fox News won’t spin it that way). Because she had a job and she (and, fyi, when you are employed, the people who employ you do get to “pick and chose [sic] the the [sic] things YOU want me to do” I am sure the Fox News people, or whoever choose to extend your 15 minutes, will also pick and choose the things they will require you to do). In the real world, you don’t get second chances like she did. Let this be a lesson to all: do not bite the hand that feeds (employs) you. There are rules in the real world, people, and they must be followed.

Note: I also started a post, while it was still topical, talking about the CA Supreme Court decision re: Prop. 8 because all the celebrities and talking heads going on and on about how the CA Supreme Court failed them was getting real old (the issue before the Court was not about rights! It was about procedure! The Court couldn’t do anything other than what it did!), but then Clay Aiken went and said everything I was thinking and did it better than I was doing it. Embarrassing, really.

Just in case you haven’t figured out where I stand on all this, let’s just say that California and I have not been on speaking terms since Nov. 4, because I am VERY, VERY disappointed in it. Let this serve as a warning to other states who want to stay on my good side.