it is going to be a miracle if I get through this whole Bar.Bri thing without getting a ticket from one of those stupid traffic cameras (you know how I feel about traffic cameras). There are four of them on the main road that I take from the highway to Case and back to the highway again. Of course, knowing how I feel about them (scam!) coupled with the fact that I know exactly where they are, you are probably thinking, “Well then, fifi, just don’t speed and everyone will be happy.”

And that is the goal. Unfortunately, (especially on my way home), I keep forgetting the stupid things are there. I’ve tried setting my cruise control, but there are so many lights on that road that I usually give up after having to reset it three or four times. Then I start thinking about things I need to get done or start listening to music or just start following along with the flow of traffic and before I know it, I’m next to one of the cameras going 40 in a 35.

I have started to dread the mail.