Actually got home last night, but there was much unpacking and catching up with the family and studying to be done, so that is why I am just getting back to the internets now. I did end up getting my hair cut, which is all very exciting. I ended up getting about six inches cut off so I am feeling all light and free and ready for summer. Exciting stuff.

The wedding was great, but more on that later.

I realized last night when I was unpacking my makeup that in my haste to get us out the door and to the morning-after brunch yesterday morning, I threw my sunscreen, my moisturizer, and the teeny tiny bottle of perfume that I bought in an emergency run to Sephora on the way to the airport Friday because I didn’t want to be perfume-less all weekend and my beloved perfume does not come in a TSA-friendly size (I actually bought the perfume without smelling it because it was the only TSA-friendly bottle in the store, but it’s really pretty decent and will be nice for traveling in the future) in with the rest of my makeup, failing to place them in the TSA-sanctioned ziplock bag.

Did this cause any problems? Was I called out of line and forced to allow a TSA person to open my bag and riffle through, looking for the offending items? No. Way to be on top of things, BWI luggage screeners.