The original TC is one of my favorite shows on television and I watch it religiously (the boyfriend is under strict instructions not to call between the hours of 10 & 11 on Wednesdays when it is in season), but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this new incarnation (I like getting to know the contestants throughout the season, although after how I felt about he-who-shall-not-be-named winning last season after he was such an ass throughout the season maybe there is something to be said for not getting to know the contestants). But anyway, after giving Masters 2 episodes, I have to say I’m hooked. Some thoughts:

-I love that all the chefs seem to be having so much fun with the challenges. Wylie & Graham were hilarious at the grocery store.

-Kelly is a fine host, but seems pretty superfluous at this point. If Pis qualified to be a judge, I’m sure Kelly is qualified to be a critic – maybe not a final judging, but at least at the

-Even from just his brief appearance, everyone’s non-favorite Season 2 winner appears to still be tool-rific. I actually thought Betty was the best out of the three.

-I am also really liking the critics, but I think it would be interesting if they challenged each other more, rather than just each putting in their 2 cents and moving on. I do enjoy a good judge’s table debate. Overall, though, they seem very professional, which is a nice change from the last regular season – I thought P was being a drama queen throughout (I.SPIT.OUT.YOUR.FOOD!) and Tom was getting  wee bit bitchy towards the end.

-I do think it would be interesting if they had the three set judges and then a rotating fourth judge – I’m sure there are plenty of critics out there who would be willing to take a turn. I’m thinking Ruth Reichl, Mimi Sheraton, Frank Bruni now that he’s leaving the Times, etc.

-I hope that these last two episodes are not setting a precedent that whoever wins, wins the overall challenge, because that would be boring.

-Out of all the final dishes, I wanted to try Graham’s most. I was pulling for him for the win.

-What was with none of the judges pointing out that none of those dishes with maybe the exception of Wylie’s actually qualified as an amuse? Elizabeth gave us the definition and then proceeded  to completely ignore it. That annoyed me.


In other news, the Madre and I had to run to OWM to pick up some olive oil this afternoon and stumbled across a display of the below deliciousness being promo-ed for $2. Of course, we scooped it up. We weren’t by the grocery store and have somewhat limited stocks at home as we are headed out to Catawba for the weekend. I didn’t want to try it just on toast, so when I stumbled across a tube of crescent rolls, I knew I had a solution. A smear, a roll, and the result: chocolate-filled crescent rolls. Nom nom nom. Just call me TC, thankyouverymuch.