So those of you who float around in the legal blog have probs. already read about this. I thought that perhaps it was just me and my utter lack of interest in the federal court system, but as it turns out, no, she’s just a really crappy Bar.Bri instructor. (I love it when it’s not me!) I hesitate to say she’s a crappy prof. in general, because perhaps she’s great in the regular classroom setting, but I will say that she has crazy deer-in-the-headlights eyes and perhaps that if she does indeed fear public speaking, Bar.Bri was not an ideal way to make a few extra bucks over the summer? Anyway, I clearly didn’t have the reaction of others (i.e. I did not feel the need to storm out in an effort to send a message to my classmates and the VIDEO FEED about my sense of self-importance) – basically, she was just not particularly articulate, she was clearly not prepared/was incredibly nervous (which, if that was the case, see note above), and I think her outline is organized very poorly.

This is just typical law school student posturing (seriously, people, if you are considering law school take a second and think about the people you will be surrounding yourself with – law students are CRAZY). My second year of law school in January we all got an email saying that a computer that had the SS numbers and other identifying information of everyone who attended any branch of dating back to 1998 had been stolen from the Office of Student Affairs and that, well, you know, we don’t think your info is being used improperly, but just to be safe, we’re going to give you a year of free credit monitoring, so let’s all just put this little incident behind us, shall we? Note that this happening was, for me having worked at G-town, a HUGE shocker (let’s just say, not so much). Anyway, email goes out and I don’t know how it was on other campuses, but the law students were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They were divided into two camps: those looking like they were going to pass out as they cried things like: “My identity’s been stolen! My identity’s been stolen!” and those looking all pissed off, growling things like: “I’m going to sue” (I know, shocker right? Also, there was a reason that G-town didn’t send that email out when the incident happened and instead waited three weeks – they were already running everything through legal. So good luck there). But anyway, my point is that this Con Law fuss today is very similar to the big identity theft scare of 2007 – ultimately a nonissue and people just need to calm the f. down already.

All that said, clearly Bar.Bri should just break down and hire a certain Crim. Law/Evidence prof. and Paula (say what you will about the songs, but the woman makes a good outline) to teach everything. They are clearly smart people and know enough to teach us things like Torts and Con Law.

Update: As I am typing this, Bar.Bri sent out an email with corrections. Good times.