So Jenna has a pretty amazing coupon on her blog for Amazing Meal. I’m debating whether or not to take advantage of it (indeed the AG experiment is still ongoing here in the fifi household. Dad claims to be getting used to it, but frankly, he puts so much fruit it, I’m amazed he can taste anything at all. Other people have Green Monsters, we drink Grayish-Brown Monsters. But they are pretty yummy). The thing is I really think I prefer the Green Superfood, especially since we are getting protein from the whey protein powder. The Amazing Meal also has a lot fewer servings in the 2 lb. container – 35 vs. 113 with the Green Superfood 2 lb. container. Even though I would be saving money shortterm with the Amazing Meal, I would be spending more longterm by not getting the Green Superfood. But, who doesn’t love a free included shaker? Clearly, this is a tough call.