While I was at the gym unwinding post-practice MBE, I was flipping through the channels looking for a Law&Order rerun to indulge in while putting in my time on the elliptical (I loves me some L&O at the gym), when I stumbled upon one of the talking head programs where they had a guest on from, I believe, one of the “Support Sarah!” groups. I was only able to stomach about 2 minutes before flipping away, but in those 2 minutes I did learn TONS about what it means to be a woman. Apparently, SP quit resigned because she is a woman and sometimes women need to put their families first and be with them and all the evil people who wondered why on earth SP is abandoning her freely chosen and pursued duties and obligations to the state of Alaska liberals spreading lies about investigations and corruption need to understand that women need to be home for their families and that SP is actually standing up for women by letting the world know that women CAN’T have it all and that “having it all” is just an evil lie that the family-haters on the left like to spread.*

And there I was thinking that she just decided that just being governor of Alaska was no fun anymore and selfishly decided she wanted to go cash in on the national level. But it turns out she has a message. I’m glad we cleared that up.

I still call shenanigans.

*I’m not saying that acknowledging that it is damn hard for PEOPLE to have it all (i.e. career, family, etc.) is a bad thing – it’s that WOMEN can’t have it all. What exactly is Todd doing again these days? Right.

**Edited to add: I realize that perhaps this sounds a bit harsh. I’m clearly not a huge SP supporter – the lack of awareness she demonstrated during the campaign was a wee bit disheartening and I do think that she is a bit of a special, special princess who is happy to do things/say things to/about her opponents that aren’t necessary completely on the up&up, but who then screams bloody murder when the same things are said about/done to her/things aren’t going her way/people challenge her. That said, although I don’t agree with her politics, I fully support her having whatever beliefs she wants. What she’s doing now, however, REALLY bothers me. It’s one thing to not run for reelection – it’s another to quit in the middle of her term. She doesn’t think this is going to F things up in Alaska a bit? She had a DUTY and she’s walking away from that and that’s a big fat FAIL in my book. (Sorry for all the caps. I realize that might be a bit annoying).

And if this is because she’s tired of waiting and wants to move on to bigger and better things? She was a freakin’ governor. There are only 50 of them. That’s pretty damn special in my book. (Seriously, Alaska, call me. I have a law degree. We could make this work).