So here is the deal, peeps. The boyfriend is INCREDIBLY sweet and decided to plan a little beach getaway for us the weekend after the bar. Right after he took the bar, he hopped a plane with some friends and went to Ireland and it was kind of an unmitigated disaster that resulted in the boyfriend, because he was the only one who could drive stick, driving around Ireland the entire time while the other three pretty much slept the whole time and some other issues which then resulted in some not speaking to each other for awhile after the trip. (I have some emails that went between the four of them during the planning stage and they are HILARIOUS. Once this whole Bar thing is over, I will find them and post them, redacted of course 🙂 ). Anyway, afterwards, he said all he really wanted to do post-Bar was just go hang out on a beach somewhere, which leads us to this trip.

He told me that he was doing this a couple of weeks ago, but wouldn’t tell me where we were headed, just that it was in the U.S. (I had guessed Bermuda because it is close to NY and easy to get there and I know he has been dying to play golf there). Anyway, we were chatting tonight and he said he was about to buy our tickets and I made some comment about how it was good we were staying in the U.S., since it turned out my passport expired last week (I knew it was about to expire, but completely forgot about it – blame finals/graduation/studying/etc.). AND HE FREAKED OUT (my new guess, fyi, is Mexico), which led to a flurry of internet searching and researching at which point we discovered that we are JUST on the cusp of the 2-3 weeks they are saying it now takes if you pay for the expedited service.* So I have filled out all the paperwork, written a check, and gathered up my old passport** in preparation for a trip first thing tomorrow morning before class to CVS for photos and then on to the post office to overnight my application to Philly.

The fact that I have to do all of this is actually kind of ironic because back when I had a real job, part of my job involved working with passports and visas and me lecturing my kids to “BE PREPARED!” and “STAY ON TOP OF THINGS!” so I wouldn’t have to write the letter to the US Passport Agency in DC begging them to give my lazy forgetful student a passport within 48 hours (as I invariably had to do for at least one student every semester). Clearly, I am awesome at taking my own advice.

Now am off to do an emergency eyebrow plucking pre-passport photo*** as I have been lazy completely focused on studying and let them fill in a bit too much.

*Which, by the way, is an additional $60 for the service and $14.85 to have the passport overnighted back to you (in for a penny, in for a pound at this point) on top of the $75 it costs to get the passport in the first place. Passports are expensive as it turns out.

**I may have photocopied all the pages. What? I had some cool stamps. And I am sappy like that 🙂

***The boyfriend actually suggested that I go tonight and get the photos done, to which I responded something along the lines of, “do you know me at all?!” (To which he told me I am being HM-high maintenance). This is a picture I will be stuck with for 10 years, which means there are makeup considerations, clothing considerations, hair considerations. I am not going there all sweaty and gross post-gym. Boys.