I’m trying a new approach to TC: Masters, twittering as I watch. So here are my thoughts on this episode.

Still, overall, solid episode. Good to see Gail again.less than a minute ago from webI am a little over the chef who wins the QuickFire winning the overall competition. There’s not much suspense.1 minute ago from webNPH is a little cranky. But I still heart him.20 minutes ago from TwitterFonI think I want Kelly’s dinner dress. Awesome color.21 minutes ago from TwitterFonI heart Neil Patrick Harris SO much.27 minutes ago from TwitterFonI like Mark. He’s funny. I am pulling fir him for the win.31 minutes ago from TwitterFonI think kelly’s dress would be much more flattering if it were a couple of inches longer.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonWOW. Harsh score for Mark. Homemade pasta is delicious even minus olive oil.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonOkay Anita I take that back. I don’t particularly like eggs and that looks delicious.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonIt appears the John Besh may once again be a bridesmaid and not the bride tonight.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonPerhaps when you are required to cook with one hand, you should forgo the step that involves delicately slicing the top off the egg Anita.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFo
Clearly more food thoughts and less fashion thoughts would be better next week!