So in many ways I had a great dream last night. In it, I met someone. (Please. Like you other attached persons don’t have these dreams/fantasies. Sometimes mixing things up – in your head – is nice). Anyway, I met someone and it was lovely. We talked and flirted. Lots of buildup – grazed fingertips and “accidental” touches – resulting in butterflies and that lovely melting feeling in the pit of your stomach. All this led to a very steamy make out session ( seriously it was HOT) but (thankfully really for reasons below) that’s where it ended and I woke up.

So what’s the problem? Normally, I would just enjoy because I am certainly in the midst of a dry spell these days. HOWEVER:

1) All of the above was taking place at a concert. A Jonas.Brothers concert to be exact. Now, first off, that’s just embarassing. Also, I have no idea how I knew it was said concert considering I am only familiar with said brothers through the Rolling Stone profile a few weeks ago and other random tidbits that float around the celebrity gossip pool. I couldn’t tell you any of their songs or even what their music sounds like. I vaguely know what they look like, mostly because the one is in those diabetes ads that seem to run all the time when I’m catching up in my L&O reruns at the gym. I just had to google their name in order to even tell you this story. So that’s all kinds of weird.

2) My ex-boyfriend from high school put in an appearance which was all kinds of random. He was sitting in front of us being obnoxious as he is wont to do, which resulted in him bring escorted out by very large security persons. Actually now that I think about it, this part gets HEE, although i’m not sure what that says about my ability to hold a grudge/let things go.

3) Okay. Here’s the really embarasing part: dream boy? Was Harry.Potter. I mean, not exactly, thank God, because that would be totally worse, but it was the actor who plays H.P. Which is bad in and of itself since, although Daniel.Radcliffe is quite cute (bad fifi!), he is my brother’s age and I am FAR too old for him. What makes it worse though is that I’m pretty sure he was floating around my subconscious because ABC.Fam was showing the first 4 H.P. movies this weekend and I kept catching bits and pieces. However, in those movies D.R. was like 16 so I’m feeling all skeesy and MaryKaye Whatsherface-ish over here (not that he was THAT inappropriately young in my dream, but still).

Clearly I’m losing it over here. This is what studying for the bar does to you people. Remember: friends don’t let friends go to law school.

* Fine. If we want to get all honest, he was the first boyfriend I thought I loved but really that’s not part of this story. Let’s just say that he’s now a “professional poker player” whose really not very good at it so, bullet = dodged.