So even though the Chiarello was being a little swarmy with the flirting with the guests (it just seemed so calculated!), I am happy he won. I definitely think overall (factoring in the QF) his food looked and his flavor combinations sounded like they would be delicious. It’s too bad Rick didn’t finish the QF though – I think he definitely would have won. Out of all of the dishes, his ceviche sounded the most exciting/interesting.

I found the Sweede too over-the-top with his specialness and Lachlan was just kind of boring. Overall, a solid episode though with two good challenges. Not the best so far though – it’s only been over a few minutes and I’m already having trouble remember some of the dishes which is not a sign of a standout episode.

My thoughts, (because you know I have some deep ones 😉 ) in reverse chronological order:

I mean, is it like $50? I am a detail person, show. I require specifics.less than 10 seconds ago from webI want to know what the “you will also get a donation for your charity” amount is.4 minutes ago from TwitterFonJudges are being much more generous overall this week. They were much harsher last week.6 minutes ago from TwitterFonI love that they even give the Masters a cheese plate to go with their fancy wine in the stew room.10 minutes ago from TwitterFonI think overall though I would most want to eat RIck’s or MC’s. Both sound/look amazing.14 minutes ago from TwitterFonNow I want short ribs. Damn you TC.15 minutes ago from TwitterFonSo apparently the salmon was amazing. Still doesn’t look good on the plate.16 minutes ago from TwitterFonThe panna cotta needed a garnish.17 minutes ago from TwitterFonGael and what’s his name from the magazine are certainly no longer playing nicely together.18 minutes ago from TwitterFonHmmm. I’m really not sure who is going to win this one.26 minutes ago from TwitterFonThat grass clippings comment was certainly cranky Gael.26 minutes ago from TwitterFonUgh. Now MC is making me roll my eyes. Stop being sketch so I can still root for you.27 minutes ago from TwitterFonI have to disagree there- salmon did not look appetizing at all to me.29 minutes ago from TwitterFonOh they’re actually letting Kelly offer an opinion. A very short one but still.29 minutes ago from TwitterFonGreat tiff over the knife. I love how both judges are so convinced they are right.30 minutes ago from TwitterFonI think out of the four, I would most like to try Rick’s based on the description and look.32 minutes ago from TwitterFonAll the appetizers are plated beautifully. Kudos.32 minutes ago from TwitterFonSWEET P!!!33 minutes ago from TwitterFonOh MC don’t be skeezy please.33 minutes ago from TwitterFonAnd again I want kelly’s dress. She does wear such great colors.34 minutes ago from TwitterFonWell now I have to eat my words. MC is using his waiter to help plate.35 minutes ago from TwitterFonOkay MC. You are no longer on the Food Network. No need for the cutesy names.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonAre you from Sweeden? Really? Because maybe you can tell me one more time in case I forget.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonRick sounds so depressed. I want to tell him to cheer up and have fun.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonI think that MC might have an advantage here since he’s not used to being in a kitchen/depending on underlings,about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonI do love anything that comes in crispy round form (BF I really want those riceballs!)about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonSo I wouldn’t be surprised by, say, time limits.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonEven if I were a super famous very busy chef, if I were going to be competing on Top Chef I think I would make time to brush up on episodesabout 1 hour ago from TwitterFonUgh. I hate the “my cooking is too refined for plebs to appreciate” card.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonReally show? These are the best “experts” you could come up with?about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonFish sticks and hot dogs seem too easy.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonI may be cheering for Michael C. Always liked him on the Food Network.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonIs Easy Entertaining still on?about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonThe boyfriend raves about aqua vit.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon