So clearly I found Art just a wee bit grating throughout the episode and kind of a big ball of cliche. (That he couldn’t wait to call “mother” and tell her about his win? Shocking, really). That said, if I could order any of the chefs’ food, I would pick his plate in a heartbeat. Obviously Roy deserves some credit for putting together such a nice basket for Art, but even if the chefs had been separated from their plates, you would have known in a heartbeat which one was Art’s. All the others kind of blurred together.

I loved the tonight. Anything that puts the chefs in Whole Foods for more shopping is fine by me.

Hubert Keller for the win. I would settle for the Chiarello in 2nd.

And, now, as always, for my thoughts on the episode:

And how much is that donation Kelly?! Seriously show I am not letting this go.12 minutes ago from TwitterFonWow GG.13 minutes ago from TwitterFonThat smile does not soften the low star blow James.14 minutes ago from TwitterFonMy vote is for Art. It was just the most appealing overall to me. Everything else just seemed too heavy and dark.21 minutes ago from TwitterFonAre we really having such an intense conversation about plate selection? Interesting.23 minutes ago from TwitterFonHmmm I think we know who won’t win.24 minutes ago from TwitterFonGreat makeup on Kelly tonight. Whoever styles her does a great job.24 minutes ago from TwitterFonThank goodness Art’s secret wasn’t love. That would have been too much.25 minutes ago from TwitterFonMmmm mushrooms.26 minutes ago from TwitterFonI kind of miss the British critic- he’s grown on me. If only he could replace Toby on the regular version if they must have a Brit.26 minutes ago from TwitterFonOff topic, but you know who is SO excited to see the ATL housewives back? The boyfriend, that’s who.*29 minutes ago from TwitterFonI’m not a huge pork person so jonathan’s is the least appealing to me.30 minutes ago from TwitterFonLA chef’s lamb looked cooked perfectly. Pretty dish too.31 minutes ago from TwitterFonI would have liked more color on Roy’s plate. And mahi-mahi is delicious GG. Don’t diss it.32 minutes ago from TwitterFonArt’s looks delicious. I love fried chicken and the mango thing looks amazing. Nicely plated too. Now if he would just not talk.34 minutes ago from TwitterFonGAIL! (said like Carla)35 minutes ago from TwitterFonJonathan’s plating leaves a little to be desired. The colors just aren’t very appealing.36 minutes ago from TwitterFonClearly there are no problems with Jonathan’s ego.37 minutes ago from TwitterFonI liked the ingredients Roy picked for Art best. Very fresh.40 minutes ago from TwitterFonThat was NOT very nice Jonathan. Poorly played.41 minutes ago from TwitterFonThat was very sweet Roy. I will cheer for you now (GO AWAY ART)42 minutes ago from TwitterFonAlthough it is a little bit of a Chopped rip off, no?43 minutes ago from TwitterFonThis is an awful lot of trust to put in the Masters show.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonThose shrimp look delicious. I want to eat them NOW.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonWhat’s with the random apostrophe in cheftestants Bravo?about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonWatching the pros shop and try and stay in budget might be my favorite part of the show.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonJonathan’s just did not look visually appealing to me.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonWell played LA chef. That looked yummy.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonArt’s does look good darn it.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonGo away Art. No one likes the bitchy.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonRoy’s is pretty. But I love runny eggs on everything.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonIf you need a long time to plan your dishes, then this might not be the show for you Roy.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonI do like this challenge though and how it is forcing them out of their comfort zone.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonCome on show. Could you not get better judges for the quickfires? I want real critics.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonLA chef is funny. Poor guy got a bad aisle. I am cheering for him now.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonOkay Art Smith you are annoying me. You are not above $20.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonKelly’s hair looks great tonight.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonWhen they say seafood chef, I automatically think of Malarky.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonThe regular intro is so much better.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFonHere we go again…about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon

*He loves him some NeNe.