So I feel like I should post a quick something on this since I got involved in the bloggers/free stuff/reviews discussion over on Caitlin’s blog yesterday. I DO strongly think greater disclosure of freebies would be a good thing in the food blogger world, for reasons I posted over there. Essentially, for me, it comes down to the fact that I do get ideas about things to try from that world, but I would like greater disclosure about how these bloggers are finding these products and why they want to try them in the first place.

However, I do think I’ve perhaps been a bit complicit with the whole Amazing Grass thing, since I know I’ve been singing its praises here. So here’s my 10 second blurb on AG and why I’ve been using it:

I am absolutely 100% NOT a breakfast person. I generally don’t enjoy consuming solid food until I’ve been up for a few hours. However, I realize how important breakfast is, so breakfast shakes are a good compromise for me (esp. when I’m home and my dad will make them for me!). If I have to eat in the morning, I do want to maximize what I get out of it, which is where the AG comes in. I’m not sure if it works or not (because who really knows if we need all these extra vitamins/antioxidents/etc.), but I like feeling like I’ve done a little something extra for my body. As I mentioned in my first post on the subject, I saw AG floating around the blog world and thought it was something worth checking out for that reason. I bought it myself (no freebies in fifi world now or likely in the future, because I don’t really think this is the kind of blog freebies get sent to) at my local Vitamin Shoppe. It works for me right now, (because, Dad, I love you, but muscle supplements are not really “vitamins” in the strictest sense of the word), BUT it’s definitely a little pricey and it’s not for everyone. If I talk about products here now or in the future, it’s because I love them & use them and want to share, but not because I think that you should go out and buy them because everyone has different needs and different tastes.

So that said, in other news…

T minus LESS THAT 24 FREAKING HOURS. I am trying not to panic on the outside, but clearly my subconscious is having a massive meltdown, evidence of which would be the long and extensive dream I had about the anorexic cross-country runner I went to junior prom with and dated for a few months that year. (In case you care, in my dream I was interviewing him about running for a local paper. He was kind of annoying). I have not thought about this kid in years, people. YEARS. I don’t even remember his last name (off to google to fix that one before it drives me even more insane). Wish me luck. I clearly need it (also clearly for a variety of reasons).