So this is what I spent the last four days looking at:


Gorgeous, right? And we had a great time. Once I have all our pics organized, I will do a photo post about the trip and tell you all about it, including exactly which beach this is. Until then, I take all guesses 🙂

Today, however, I’m looking at this:


I know, I know. Totally gross and for that I apologize. Dating back to high school, I always seem to catch cold right after finals/periods of lots of stress. So it’s really no big shocker that I would get struck down by a cold bug post-Bar. I’m just glad it waited until we got back from vacation!

Anyway, in addition to the vacation post, I’m also working on getting caught up with the posts that were in the pipeline pre-Bar, so we’ll have lots to talk about from here on out. For right now though, I think it may be nap time. Or go turn the bathroom into a steam room-time. Whichever.