Dale’s defense of his behavior is up on the Bravo website. He basically says that if Chiarello were a real master (he lists Joel Robuchon, Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller, and Alain Ducass as examples-I thought it was kind of interesting he didn’t list any of the other competing masters), he would have reacted differently, but because Dale does not believe Chiarello is a master, then Dale does not need to respect Chiarello. Keepin’ it classy there, Dale.

I’m glad he cleared that up. Chiarello had a TV show. And he has cookbooks. And a restaurant. And a vineyard/winery. (And lots and lots of money from those endeavors – so SUCK ON THAT DALE). And Dale has…what exactly? Oh, that’s right. None of the above.

Dale/Spike/and Blais especially all came off as having a serious case of sour grapes to me. Chiarello is what they all secretly want to be. I’m sure there’s a bit a self-hatred involved, because while they all claim they want to be the next Thomas Keller, I’m sure secretly they’d all REALLY love to be on the Food Network with Ray-Ray and Sandra Lee for the money and the fame.