Our cats are generally not huge fans of cooked meat. Offer them pieces of Thanksgiving turkey, for example, and they turn up their wee little noses. There is an exception, of course, though: C (the black cat) and his all-consuming love of certain pork products.

I discovered this by accident when I was studying for the Bar and had made myself a bowl of cantaloupe with some proscuitto and C would not leave my bowl alone. So I gave him a bite of the said proscuitto, thinking he would not like it, so he would leave me to my snack and my studying in peace. Not so much. I got absorbed in my studying and next thing I knew, C was up on my window seat attacking the proscuitto with a vengeance. The cantaloupe, of course, he left alone (I know, I know – my bowl shouldn’t have been within his reach. Normally he is much better mannered than this).

Which brings us to today. We had the family over on Sunday for a little BBQ and as an appetizer my mom made these ham, dill pickle, and cream cheese roll-ups (take 1 slice ham, spread it with cream cheese, lay the pickle on the ham, roll it up, and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Before you scoff, try them. They are ridiculously addictive). My dad had brought home more pickles, so I was making a few more roll-ups to use up the rest of the ham. I had barely gotten the ham out of the fridge, before C was wrapping himself around my legs, all: “Hello. I love you. And I love ham. GIVE ME HAM.” I gave him a little nibble, which apparently was completely insufficient because he then reached up the cabinet to try and grab the ham from the counter (he is not quite tall enough to achieve this feat however). Of course, when he realized there was no more ham forthcoming, he gave up the lovey-dovey routine immediately. Cats.

0901091741FINE. If you will not give me more ham, I will just eat your nightstand handles. See how you like that.