I have been a horrible blogger lately. Awful. And the worst thing is, I have tons of stuff to write about and it’s all just floating around my head making me crazy.

Basically, I have been doing a lot of this lately:


but there’s also been a lot of running around to get my brother ready for school. In fact, I am headed outside now to start spray painting some of the furniture we have cobbled together from friends and family to help him deck out his house.

(No picture available of fifi spray painting. Probably for the best)

Let us all hope that this adventure into painting turns out better than the last big project I took on, i.e. the one in which I painted the crown molding in my brother and my bathroom and it turned out GREAT except for the part where the painters’ tape took off the paint on the walls in large chunks. And where I accidentally painted the ceiling.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

(Then tomorrow I am off to a wedding in STL, but hopefully things will start to get back to normal as of Monday).