About 2 weeks ago, the Madre and I were on the never-ending hunt for suits and stumbled upon this dress:


and, long story short, it fit like a glove, is gorgeous on (I tried to get a picture of me in it, but since I don’t have a full length mirror, you couldn’t get the full effect), and was on sale. Therefore, it came home with me. And even though I do love the dress I was going to wear to the boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, I realized that this would be absolutely perfect for the occasion.

Of course, new dress meant new shoes. The parentals and I went to Bar Symon (which, NOM) for dinner and decided to stop by DSW post-dinner where I found these:

0921092113I mean, how perfect are these? With the wee little bows and all? I am in love.

But that was not the question I wanted to put to you. The dilemma is this: So when I get to New York, I will be engaging in one of my favorite New York activities – a pedicure (How shallow am I? Don’t answer that). But what color should I go with? The Madre is of the opinion that a nice neutral is the way to go, whereas I was leaning towards a fire engine red. The question, of course, is whether fire engine red is appropriate for the bearer of gifts (with the secondary question being whether or not we care). What do you all think?

Also, just for fun, I will be wearing these to the rehearsal dinner. Of course this means that the boyfriend’s sister will probably come up to my shoulders at best, but whatever.


Oh Calvin Klein, I do heart you so.