Or, as the boyfriend calls it, an example of the Bro seeing how the other half lives (I think he means the non-athletes, but I will ask him to clarify).

My brother has decided that he wants to try and go to law school. To which I say: NOOOOOO!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY. ABORT. ABORT. ABORT. Awesome. Goals are good. Anyway, as such, he has decided to go out for Moot Court.

I got this text from him a short time ago as he attended the first meeting (All typos are his own) :

“im at the mock trial meeting and these kids are so obnoxiously nerdy. like they all keep talking about how many times theyve been to nationals for mock trial. i thought it was a club not a sport and theres tryouts. how do u try out for this?”

It is kind of adorable, no?