I cancelled my Vogue subscription last month because, frankly, it no longer interests me. The articles and the fashion are just same old, same old every month and, without jeffrey steingarten writing something every month, I don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the trees. While I could never afford anything in Vogue, I used to get fashion inspirations from it, but there’s really nothing inspiring about Vogue these days (although I hear the lady gaga spread this month is pretty cool, models jumping month in and month out is BOR-ING).

Anyway, so I cancalled the subscription. And now Vogue is stalking me with these “your subscription is about to expire so renew with our super special deal” (which is really not so great truth be told) notices.

To which I say: stop trying to break up with me Vogue. I got there first and it is OVER.

I know what true magazine love is and it is Vanity Fair thankyouverymuch.