Apparently, people are finding me because they are searching for things like: “christmas card for the boyfriend’s sister” and “gifts for the boyfriend’s sister 2009.”

So, to help, I got the boyfriend’s sister this:

and this:

and this:

The Steingarten is one of my favorite books and a large part of why I had this in the first place. And the third? I love this series and would love my own copy of this one as well should Santa leave it under the tree. Given the boyfriend’s sister’s interest in food and cooking, I think she will enjoy these. As an added bonus, the second and third are collections of short pieces so she could read one or two before bed or when she has a break.

No card for the boyfriend’s sister, but I don’t really do cards these days anyway. Perhaps next year when I am feeling a little bit more financially stable.

Now, if I were the boyfriend’s sister, (and I am in fact a boyfriend’s sister, so if the Bro’s girlfriend would like some ideas…) I would like any of the following very fun and very-reasonable-price-wise-for-the-relationship presents:

Essie Winter Collection 2009

Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion

Godiva Chocolate Truffles

Old Navy Scoop-Neck Top

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in Pewter or Coffee Ground

SM Capps Quilted Ballet Flats at DSW

(this last one is more of a splurge, but I couldn’t resist – SO cute!)