So I started this as a reply to Heather‘s comment, but thought I should just make it a general disclaimer so anyone reading the blog who doesn’t read the comments doesn’t think I’m too horrible:

See here’s the thing: I know I sound like an unmitigated brat bitching that she allegedly spent that much money on me. But a) I feel like it’s highly inappropriate given our relationship (not even considering the our personal non-relationship, just the boyfriend’s sister thing), b) over the last 4 years or so of gift exchanging, we have pretty much stayed in the same price range, so it is TOTALLY NOT COOL to suddenly drastically jump outside the established boundaries of our relationship and blindside me with a (have I mentioned inappropriately) expensive gift (I am not paranoid, but I swear she does things like this just to create a situation in which the boyfriend and I have to have a conversation where he tells me that my gift is suddenly just.not.good.enough), and c) (and this is kind of bratty), I kind of doubt she actually spent $80 on me – she’s just telling the boyfriend that. Let me explain. The boyfriend’s sister works for company X. Company X gets lots of freebies and samples and uses, but doesn’t keep, a lot of products. Company X, like other companies, also has unsold inventory. Following me? So Company X then has sales where all the employees can buy these things at a sharp discount. This is where the boyfriend’s sister does her holiday shopping. And that’s lovely because I am a full proponent of saving money and getting good deals, but she never ever ever takes into account what I might actually like or need. Let’s call the products “shower gel” (it’s not a bath products company, in case you think I’m slipping up here!). I have tons of “shower gel.” I have every possible type of “shower gel” I might ever want for every occasion. I even have all the specialty “shower gels.” I am well stocked. And I guarantee the boyfriend’s sister not only got me “shower gel” but got me like, what would be $80 worth on the open market of plumaria “shower gel” (remember that from bath & body works – boy did I love that in middle school) that I will never use because it makes me break out in hives now.

I do know this is a stupid example, but it’s the best I could think of.