Now I am not saying what you should get your family, I’m just telling you what I got mine.

Dad: Season 2 of Deadwood because he finally finished Season 1 2 years after I got it for him and has been hinting strongly that Season 2 would not go unappreciated.

The Madre: She has these in other patterns and says they are the most comfortable shoes she’s ever worn. I love the pattern and the fact that they have brown and black so they can be worn with lots of different outfits. And they are HOT. (Also an excellent deal with the $10 off and free shipping deals on DSW).

The Bro: The Bro has decided he wants to start wearing a watch. He really likes the military style with canvas bands. This was a little bit of a splurge, (but still on sale!) but I thought about it a lot and realized I’d rather spend a little bit more and get him a watch that he could have for a long time, than just get him a cheap timex and be done with it. I also got him a 2 of these in different colors so he can play around with styling the watch.

The boyfriend: The boyfriend has been wanting cufflinks for awhile now. Since this was so personal, we looked at a bunch together, but he ended up liking these from Red Envelope best (this is likely in part because the boyfriend’s sister has him convinced that Red Envelope is SO COOL right now). I do think they are attractive and a bit more modern than a traditional monogram.

Since these were so reasonable, I wanted to get the boyfriend a little something else to go with them. Lately when we’ve had bad weather he’s been trying to steal my ginourmous golf umbrella because, really, when you walk to work every day, there’s bound to be some nasty weather and the little fold up umbrellas do NOT keep you dry (I speak from experience). I may have mentioned this on here before, but the boyfriend LOVES his undergrad school because he had such a great experience there (like loves to the point where, if he had $10, he would give Princeton at least $1). So I thought this would be perfect.

I don’t have a huge family, so those were the big presents. For my cousin and his wife and my aunt and uncle, I got steaks from Omaha Steakmmmm…bacon

and the Bro and I are splitting something from the OSU bookstore for baby T. I suggested something like this:

but it’s ultimately his call. My two best girlfriends in the entire world both got this:

which I love for my skin. Baby and Godson Z got this and this respectively:

while the Divine Miss E got this:I think she will make an awesome doctor. The boyfriend’s niece got this:

(She’s not sure how she feels about me. She recognizes I am responsible for sending awesome gifts, but she also ADORES the boyfriend right now and thinks I’m treading on her territory). Her new baby brother got two outfits:

because who could resist those feet? Not me. Even the boyfriend was a little charmed.

The boyfriend’s sister got this to go with her books because apparently she’s OD-ing on ruffley, frilly stuff right now (nothing wrong with ruffley, frilly stuff – in moderation. But that is ALL the boyfriend’s sister wears. It’s like frilly shirt with ruffley cardigan with headband with a big bow on it. Maybe someday I will show you what she wore to her rehearsal dinner and you will see). BONUS though – I got 25% off because the boyfriend did his shopping for his sister at the same time and so we qualified for the discount (I think this sale only ran through Sunday though).

The boyfriend’s mom is getting a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card because she loves their coffee

and the boyfriend’s dad is getting some fancy dark chocolate and some marzipan from here because he loves his chocolate. And his marzipan (he’s Sicilian).

Finally, I leave you with my go-to gift. I know it’s kind of cliche and if someone told me a few years ago that I’d be sending out Harry and David for the holidays, I’d probably ask: “what am I, some corporate drone sending out impersonal presents to clients?” HOWEVER, these are quite possibly the most delicious pears known to man and everyone I know who has gotten them adores them. If you need a good present for, say, a boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, you really cannot go wrong with these:

Unless, of course, they were allergic to pears, in which case you might have a giant FAIL on your hands. Just check with your significant other before clicking send, is all I’m saying.