whether or not to wear my rainboots to class.

Clearly, if I wear them, it will be 85 degrees and bright and sunny by the time I get to school.

On the other hand, I have soaked my shoes and jeans on the way into class the last two mornings.

These are the things I debate at 8 am.

0628091211Clearly C finds Bar.Bri fascinating/is studying hard.


Considering how much this course costs, perhaps a wee bit of proofreading of the course documents you post online and ask us to read might be in order?


“you analysis” does not equal “your analysis”

“braod” does not equal “broad”



Apparently the house across the street may have been broken into sometime this morning. The police officer who came over to ask us if we had seen anything suspicious told us that there was a robbery, although since I have now learned (thanks Bar.Bri – I never took Crim. Law in law school, just Crim. Pro.) that since robbery is a crime against the person (and no one was home here) and this was a crime against property, this would likely be a burglary with larceny as the felony (do you want more? because I can give you more 🙂 ). However, not being one to intentionally quibble with police officers, I let that point go. 

Now that I am done entertaining myself, which is really why I’m here writing (indeed Mr. “this was a completely pointless…………” Comment, I’m sure what I write about is completely pointless to you, but I crack me up), I do have to ask:

Was it really necessary to send FOUR police cars for this? We live in the suburbs.*

*The Madre thinks this is likely the most excitement these officers are likely to see until the weekend and they can break up high school/college parties.

So clearly I require at least seven hours of sleep. I have been getting around six and a half this week and today I am TIRED. Am sucking down coffee as always, but still feel like I am in a fog. There is a nice study area right outside the classroom we use that is full of big squishy chairs and all I can think about is how I want to curl up and nap in one.

I am not a morning person.

This morning I got to class a little early (by which I mean I got there ten minutes before class started instead of one) and was sitting here staring into space, thinking about napping (I clearly have a one-track mind) when this guy who is also in the class and sits on the other side of the room stopped by where I sit and commented that I was there early and so there must not have been much traffic. Which, yes, but a little strange that he knew I drive in. He then went on to say that he knew I was fifi and make reference to some other things he knew about me. I am being nice because I try to generally always be nice but am thinking that this all is a little weird.

Then it comes out that he knows me and knows all about me because the family friends he is staying with are good friends with some very very close friends of my parents who are like an aunt and uncle to me (confused yet?) and they have told him all about me.

Which, John and Linda, poorly played. A heads up would have been great (and easy since Linda, you talk to the Madre practically daily) so I would not have treated this poor guy with arms length, are-you-a-stalker? politeness at first.

It was all really just too much to process before the coffee kicked in.