Well, let’s start with the time: 51:49:32 or 10.22/miles.

Which…is not great. But it is okay AND it could have been much, much worse considering I didn’t make it to the gym at all in the last 2 weeks before I moved and my training plan since I moved has been as follows:

1) Walk everywhere. I generally get in about 1 1/2 – 2 miles a day at a pretty brisk pace

2) Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator (Oh, wait, those of you who follow me on Twitter thought I was joking about that? Yeah, no).

3) Think about joining a gym, but put that off by telling myself that I am still adjusting to my work schedule and therefore don’t know when I’ll actually go and that therefore I shouldn’t waste the money right now (because, as it turns out, gyms are expensive! and I am cheap).

4) Think about just going out for a run in the neighborhood, but don’t do that because I am lazy.

So, as you can see, there was really no training plan and this was the first time I’ve run in about 6 weeks. And, actually, it was a pretty easy run (except for the GINOURMOUS hill next to the Browns stadium leading to the finish) so I was pleased about that because I did think I might have to do the last mile or so on pure will power alone* and while I’m not opposed to the pure will power thing, it was nice not to have to rely on the reserves.

There were definitely some things I could have done differently that probably would have improved my time, namely not wearing 4 inch heels all week to work because I suspect there is a direct correlation between said shoes (but they are so cute!) and the searing, cramping pain that started in my arch at about mile three and continued on to spread through the ball of my foot and up through my achilles (any more pre-racing stretching would have been good too). I also did a pretty piss-poor job of hydrating in general this week, which explains why I am starting in on my third 20 oz of gatorade (I know, I know – I should be drinking coconut water or at the very least this, but it’s all that’s in the house) and am still extremely thirsty.

I won’t tell him this because he might attribute this not to his pacing abilities, but the tough love he utilizes when we race together (“You did NOT hit the wall! You do not know what the wall is!”),** but I do run much better with the boyfriend because he is an awesome pacer and keeps us on negative splits when we run together and he pushes me more. Today I ran with two friends of mine and we were definitely not pushing each other.***

Still, even though I know it’s a fine time, I’m still a wee bit embarrassed. I am incredibly extremely intensely mildly competitive (it’s where my type-A-ness really expresses itself), so Turkey Trot 2010, YOU ARE ON NOTICE. Because it will be brought.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope everyone has a wonderful day wherever you are and with whomever you are celebrating.

*Even when I am going to the gym daily (and by daily, I mean week-daily. I am not a weekend gym kind of girl) the most I run is 3 miles because I have some knee and hip issues.

**In his defense, that particular incident occurred at like mile 4 of 10K when I was being a tad whiny about the freezing rain. He was training for a marathon at the time and regularly cranking out double-digit mile runs. So his lack of sympathy was understandable.

***I did note, which I thought was kind of interesting, that I never was able to find my stride during the run and I think that’s because I was trying to run in line with my friends so we could chat and catch up. Only problem is that they are a good 7 inches shorter than I am, so whereas they were striding comfortably, I was taking really shortened steps. I will have to ask the boyfriend if he feels that way next time we run together (although, I am pretty much all legs so his legs aren’t that much longer than mine). Something to ponder when I go into the post-turkey daze later.