So I decided to stay in DC Friday night to see some people and catch up with friends I’ve only seen once or twice since moving away in May. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I kicked off the night with a celebrity sighting Friday evening. My last year of law school, I worked as a babysitter/nanny and became very close with the whole family* (to the extent that when they were going to a family reunion in Michigan this summer, they spent a night in Cleveland and we had a very fun BBQ and swimming evening. I meant to write about it, but ended up not having time with the Bar). Anyway, Sara, the mom, and the two girls and I were supposed to meet up once I got done with work stuff and go to the Portrait Gallery and then Zaytinya for dinner. Unfortunately, The Divine Miss E, the four year old, was sick with bronchitis and unable to come at the last minute so it was just me, Sara, and Baby, who is no longer a baby but a very adult 18 months.**

We had an awesome time checking out the “1934: A New Deal For Artists” exhibit at the American Art Museum and catching up, but the highlight was when we got to Zaytinya. Not only was the food fantastic (Baby laid claim to the kibbeh immediately and made this preference clear with her emphatic MMMMs after every bite! – overall, she was fantastic and charming and quite the little lady), but Sara (who is also a huge Top Chef fan) and I got a great surprise when Mike Isabella from this season came out to chat with the people behind us and we realized that Richard Blais was at said table. Sara may have taken a picture of Mike and Richard, under the guise of taking a picture of me and Baby, but other than that we played it cool and basked in the Top Chef glow.

After that, I met up with Jill at the semi-annual work party for the SAT prep company we both worked for in college and that she is pretty high up at now where I got to catch up with my old boss and some old co-workers and meet Jill’s new boyfriend. After that, we went to our favorite bar in Crystal City where several shots where had to celebrate my passing the NY Bar.

Jill has been working like crazy the past few weeks and I’ve had a few stressors as well what with starting work and moving and all, so we decided to treat ourselves to massages to relax. It was great-I mean, who doesn’t love a massage- but definitely not relaxing! My masseuse started working on my back, then stopped and said that he thought my shoulders needed a lot of work and that we should do more of a therapeutic massage. I figured he was the professional, so why not?

Let us just say that he took his work VERY seriously, to the extent that he was telling me to breathe through the pain. I definitely think that my back and shoulders needed it because he found and worked out a ton of knots, but Dear God is my back tender today. The boyfriend literally put his hand on my back and I winced in pain. Am actually contemplating breaking out the heating pad now.

Clearly I need to find a yoga studio that I like here and start a regular practice again because I can’t let my back get this bad. It will definitely be a battle with work and sitting at a desk all day so I also really need to be more conscious of my posture. So easy to say, but we’ll see how I do in practice!

*I knew it was going to be a good fit when I discovered they named their dog Asta after the dog in the Thin Man movies and that we shared a love of old movies (the Thin Man movies are some of the first movies I remember seeing).
**Baby has a very pretty and elegant name that she is just starting to grow into so most of the time we all just called her Baby. Very Dirty Dancing.

So I feel like I should post a quick something on this since I got involved in the bloggers/free stuff/reviews discussion over on Caitlin’s blog yesterday. I DO strongly think greater disclosure of freebies would be a good thing in the food blogger world, for reasons I posted over there. Essentially, for me, it comes down to the fact that I do get ideas about things to try from that world, but I would like greater disclosure about how these bloggers are finding these products and why they want to try them in the first place.

However, I do think I’ve perhaps been a bit complicit with the whole Amazing Grass thing, since I know I’ve been singing its praises here. So here’s my 10 second blurb on AG and why I’ve been using it:

I am absolutely 100% NOT a breakfast person. I generally don’t enjoy consuming solid food until I’ve been up for a few hours. However, I realize how important breakfast is, so breakfast shakes are a good compromise for me (esp. when I’m home and my dad will make them for me!). If I have to eat in the morning, I do want to maximize what I get out of it, which is where the AG comes in. I’m not sure if it works or not (because who really knows if we need all these extra vitamins/antioxidents/etc.), but I like feeling like I’ve done a little something extra for my body. As I mentioned in my first post on the subject, I saw AG floating around the blog world and thought it was something worth checking out for that reason. I bought it myself (no freebies in fifi world now or likely in the future, because I don’t really think this is the kind of blog freebies get sent to) at my local Vitamin Shoppe. It works for me right now, (because, Dad, I love you, but muscle supplements are not really “vitamins” in the strictest sense of the word), BUT it’s definitely a little pricey and it’s not for everyone. If I talk about products here now or in the future, it’s because I love them & use them and want to share, but not because I think that you should go out and buy them because everyone has different needs and different tastes.

So that said, in other news…

T minus LESS THAT 24 FREAKING HOURS. I am trying not to panic on the outside, but clearly my subconscious is having a massive meltdown, evidence of which would be the long and extensive dream I had about the anorexic cross-country runner I went to junior prom with and dated for a few months that year. (In case you care, in my dream I was interviewing him about running for a local paper. He was kind of annoying). I have not thought about this kid in years, people. YEARS. I don’t even remember his last name (off to google to fix that one before it drives me even more insane). Wish me luck. I clearly need it (also clearly for a variety of reasons).