My friend J was in town last night visiting his mom for the weekend so we met up to see (500) Days of Summer and grab a bite to eat. J and I go WAAAAYYY back – we went to preschool together so we have known each other practically all our lives. J actually lives in New York and I had actually just seen him while I was in New York last, but it was nice to have some time to just chat one on one (the last couple of times we’ve seen each other, we’ve been with the boyfriend and J’s boyfriend, Nick).

The movie was cute, but not particularly memorable. I went into the movie really wanting to love it/want to see it immediately again/come out of it wanting to place my pre-order for the DVD on Amazon, for several reasons (including, but not limited to, the fact that the trailer looked great and that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my top-10 movies) but, unfortunately it just wasn’t that great. There were parts (like the IKEA scenes) that we pretty perfect, but really just served to make you think of what the movie could have been with a little bit better screenplay. I didn’t necessarily have a problem with the fact that Zooey Deschanel’s character was pretty one dimensional, as other reviewers have had, (why does she act the way she does? I have no idea), because the story wasn’t really a story of boy and girl, but really just boy. My problem was that boy wasn’t a fully fleshed out character either. I thought the movie relied too much on gimmicks like animation, a quirky soundtrack and the omnipresent narrator at the expense of plot development.

Also, I don’t know if it was because of all the Inglorious Basterds posters around the theater, but the filmmakers here used an instrumental snippet repeatedly throughout the movie to introduce key scenes that, every single time, made me think of Tarrentino and Kill Bill and kind of took me out of the movie because part of me was expecting the characters to engage in a vicious and bloody (but beautifully choreographed and filmed) showdown. Anyone else? Or just me?

Anyway, even though the movie was not all I hoped it would be, it was still a perfectly nice way to pass a Saturday evening. Afterwards, J and I went to a winebar by the theater (we were at Crocker for all you Cleveland-ers) and got dinner and chatted. J is in in the process of deciding whether or not he wants to go back to school so we talked about that for awhile and we discussed our respective relationships. J and Nick live together and J finds it very upsetting (in a very cute, older brother protective kind of way) that the boyfriend and I will not be living together when I move to New York in a couple of weeks because he thinks it should have been a foregone conclusion that the boyfriend should have asked me to live with him since we have, in J’s words, been together FOREVER and that it what happy couples do. I will confess that I was a little upset about the boyfriend’s lack of interest in living together at first, but now I do think living apart is for the best. We’re in something of a holding pattern with our relationship these days in terms of the future (I’m getting tired of the “and when are you two finally going to get married?” questions) and just in case something were to happen and we were to break up, it will be better if we have our own places. And if we are completely happy, then it’s only a year. Plus, I am starting to look forward to finding a place and getting new furniture (I sold pretty much everything in DC if you will recall), so I do think this is for the best. But the boyfriend is a little bit on J’s bad list right now.

It was a lovely and relaxing night, which then, as you know if you follow me on Twitter, ceased to be relaxing when I returned home to find my brother throwing a party for 20 or so of his nearest and dearest (the parents stayed on Catawba for the night to go out with their friends and while the cat’s away…). Highlights of my night cleaning up a six pack of beer that was dropped and shattered on the tile floor at 2 am and convincing one of the bro’s friends that the backyard was not an ideal place to sleep and I could provide him with a nice aerobed instead. Being the grownup was totally not fun (I think I was cranky last night while Twitter-ing because I just felt so damn old and boring) – I would have much rather been part of the beer pong tournament, but sadly was not asked to participate (I do recognize that that was completely inappropriate. I have mad beer pong skills though).

The bro and his friends seemed to have a good time and the bro was very good about cleaning up this morning, so all in all, it could have been much worse. I ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep which is less fun when you get no benefit from your lack of sleep (besides big sister brownie points, I guess). However, next time I stay up until 4 am, I want it to be because I am drinking and having fun, not because I am playing chaperone!


Hi all! Meet Stacey. We have hijacked each other’s blogs today as part of the 5th 20sb blog swap. So check out Stacey’s summer recommendations below, check out her blog, and enjoy!


Hi Everyone.  My name is Stacey from Life and Times of the Harris Family.  fifi has been amazing and let me share my top ten favorite things of summer 2009.  Not all of it is exactly cutting edge but I hope you enjoy it!   And thanks again fifi for letting me share.

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year.  I think it comes from being a kid and having summers off of school.  Now as an adult we don’t have that awesome luxury.  So in exchange we get summer movie blockbusters, huge summer concert tours, and in recent years we’ve added summer tv shows, no longer must we live with just re-runs whoohoo!

But I digress, here are my top 10 favorite things about this summer!

1: P!nk – Funhouse


Now I’ve been a P!ink fan since her first record, but I really love this record!  She will be coming to Phoenix in September, and I’m hoping to go.  If you haven’t checked it out, well turn on your radio you’re bound to hear one of the couple of singles that have come out so far, and then go pick it up it’s awesome!

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Now as a child of the eighties I remember the cartoon, I never liked it.  Then I married my husband (who is a big nerd lol) we went to see the first one and I actually really enjoyed it.  So this summer when the second Transformers was released we skipped opening weekend and went the next weekend.  Once again it didn’t disappoint, lots of action, lots of special effects all in all a perfect summer blockbuster.

3. Leverage


This show premiered last summer and is in one word awesome.  For those of y0u who haven’t seen it, the shows about a group of criminals, and a former insurance investigator who start doing bad things for good reasons.  One of the tag lines of the show is really the best description, “Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you’ve got.”  It’s on TNT on Wednesday night so check it out!

4. Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball


Now let me say I’m totally aware the Diamondbacks are well simply put, sucking this year!  But in our house baseball is still on every night!  We love our Dbacks in good and bad, it’s like a marriage sort of lol.

5. Loitering With Intent By Stuart Woods


I am absolutely obsessed with the Stone Barrington series by Stuart Woods, I started reading them a few months ago.  He’s been the series started many years before that though, I can now proudly say I have read the whole series including this most resent one I just finished.  It’s a fun series and Stone and the other characters are also a blast to watch evolve in each book.

6. Pedicures


A must for all of us who live in flip flops all summer!  I always fall off on my pedicures when they are safely in closed toe shoes all winter (well I do live in Arizona so we do have the occasional flip flop Christmas), but when summer comes I always get back on my regular pedicure schedule!

7. Our San Diego Vacation

san diego

Next month we will be gong to spend 4 days in amazing San Diego, relaxing on the beach, and doing some good shopping I am so so so so so excited.  And yes that many sos were truly necessary!

8. MAC Colorcraft


I aboslutly love these new bright colors that came out this summer by MAC.  I’ve been a fan of MAC for several years now, it manages to hold up to the heat and sweat that lands in Phoenix every summer, I can put it on go out and come home and still look great even when it’s 110 degrees outside!  But this year I love the bright pinks and vivid greens, a great addition to any pallet, especially mine!

9. Old Navy Faux Wrap Dress

old navy

I love this dress, I have it in the Magenta and it’s perfect for summer.  You can pair it with flops and a pony tail and you’re ready for some casual shopping.  You can throw on some heels and cute jewelry and you’re ready for drinks and dinner. I love the pieces that offer that versatility.

10. Old Navy Flip Flops


The only acceptable day time footwear  in Phoenix, AZ in the summer is flip flops, and Old Navy is the best place to get them.  They are completely disposable $5 gets you two pairs so it’s easy to get then in every color (which I have) and at the end of the summer they are usually worn out, or at least a few pairs so I have the fun of flip flop shopping every year.  They also add some colors each year and change them around.

and just focus on studying today since we have the big practice MBE tomorrow (scary!!!).

Therefore, in lieu of an actual post, I am offering some suggestions:

Watch this

And watch this

And we shall discuss at a later date (like homework! only more fun!). I shall warn you that I love, Love, LOVE both movies, but am open to all thoughts.

And if you, like me, are trying to just listen to instrumentals for the time being so you are not too distracted while studying, I highly recommend the soundtrack to the first above. It is haunting and just lovely. I think it’s on iTunes.