That’s a good way to start off a post, no?

The boyfriend’s sister-in-law and brother had a baby last week. Everyone of course is thrilled, except perhaps for the newly annointed big sister (“Uncle Boyfriend. You take baby home.”) and he is very cute and sweet as babies generally are. So this is all very exciting and a happy time.

But the boyfriend’s sister took it upon herself to post 50 of the pictures she took at the hospital when they all went to meet the baby on facebook. Which is nice and all, but shouldn’t the parents get to do that? The boyfriend’s sister-in-law is all about facebook so I can’t imagine she’s going to be thrilled about this. Especially now because the boyfriend’s sister is now getting congratulations from both friends and family, i.e. “Congratulations Aunt Stephanie. He’s adorable!”

I mean, he IS extremely cute but Stephanie really gets no credit for that, right? I find it weird.