that this was all just posturing and vain hopes. Because seriously people, how does this NOT have the words “bad idea” lurking all around it? Even if it’s a great trade – which it is (we’re really not giving up much, we can get rid of Shaq if necessary) – these types of things NEVER work out here in Cleveland. He’s not exactly in his prime anymore either. Couple that with his tendencies towards ass-y behavior (say, for example, his recent bitchy behavior towards Dwight Howard), and I’m not ready to put on my celebration hat quite yet.

Despite the fact that other events overshadowed what happened Saturday night – I was pretty burnt out and ended up passing out shortly after the game began – the Cavs loss is obviously quite unfortunate. Following my “stay positive” mantra, I was completely convinced that we would pull off another nail-biter in Orlando, come home and definitively win the series in Cleveland and that this would give us the motivation and that extra something to beat the Lakers and win the Championship, thereby bringing a championship to Cleveland for the first time in 45 years.* And that would be how it was meant to be. 

Obviously not. 

But we are Clevelanders and so we are temporarily bummed, but then shrug it off, saying, “I like our chances for next year.” 

Next year is the year. Obviously.

Now how ’bout those Indians? Go Tribe!

*And yes I realize that is a bit of a run-on sentence and a wee bit to long. Be glad I didn’t throw in a semi-colon; the boyfriend hates it when I get started on the semi-colons.



So this weekend I started a follow up to the OMG post, writing about The Shot and how awesome it was to experience it surrounded by other Cavs fans and what a great moment it was. But I never finished it/posted it. I didn’t want to write about how it was a turning moment and how great it was for the team and then jinx them. So I skipped celebrating and just got stuck back in my Cleveland-teams-always-screw-things-up mindset. Which, if you’ve been watching the series, you know has been pervasive since Sunday night. Everyone here is melancholy and bummed and refusing to hope. Talk at bar class yesterday centered around how it’s time to just give up, Cleveland teams will never amount to anything, and how LeBron is obviously on the first plane out of here. 

But fifi, you say, you grew up in Cleveland. You know the score and you choose to keep being a fan. You saw the Indians in the late 90s throw away one chance after another to win the World Series. More recently, you watched the Indians shockingly beat the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs, get up three games on Boston in the second, only to hand the series over to the eventual world champions that year. You’ve seen the Browns choke year after year (“What? We’re winning? No, other team, please take the ball. We don’t like winning.”)

You’ve watched, peeking through your fingers, the disasters that were Ohio State and its last three bowl games. You’ve listened to people disparage your team and the Big 10 and call them overrated year in and year out. You felt the searing internal pain when Florida not only beat OSU football in the National Championship game, but then followed that up by beating OSU basketball to conclude March Madness (seriously, people, that SUCKED). All true, all true.

But here’s the thing: I’ve listened to people disparage my town and my teams and I’ve stood up for said teams every time because, at the risk of sounding sappy, I know in my heart that we will win someday (well, at least that’s what my Dad keeps telling me). And that’s what we do here – we keep hoping and we keep trying and the sign I saw on the way to bar class today reminded me of this, because I had clearly forgotten in my post-last 2 games Cavs funk.

“We’ve won three in a row before.”

That’s all it said. And it’s true. We’ve done it before and we will do it again. So I am making a conscious choice to be hopeful and be positive and do my very best to believe that we are going to win tonight and send those vibes out and see what happens (I know, I know. Vibes. Just remember that I have a little yoga chick in me and bear with me). 

And if we don’t? It will suck because of the promise of the season and the fact that the team future seems to hang in the balance, but (and I will speak for the city here), we will still be incredibly proud of the team and the season they’ve had and we will still love them for the season they gave us and the chances to celebrate they’ve already given us. And if we’re negative? It’s because we’re afraid – afraid that this is the end and that this will be the thing that pushes LeBron over the edge and sends him to New York. But, ultimately, we’re incredibly grateful for how much fun you’ve given us up until this point and how you’ve helped make it pretty cool to be from our city. 

I realize that this makes me a huge hypocrite since I am only briefly returning to Cleveland for the next few months before jumping ship to New York, but I do truly hope that LeBron stays in Cleveland. It’s completely selfish and obviously we as a city put way too much on his 24 year old shoulders, tying up our hopes and dreams as a city in what he does, but I do hope he stays here. 

So Friday night: I had just picked up my friend Jill,* who was visiting from DC for the weekend, from the airport. Her flight was delayed so by the time we got to the bar to grab a drink, it was the fourth quarter. If you watched the game, you know that at this point, we had given up a double-digit lead and were struggling to hang on. By the time Orlando went ahead with 1 second left, I was ready to go home – didn’t want to watch my Cavs lose, especially after Game 1. Everyone was pretty down at the bar and Jill was tired, so while she finished her beer, I went inside (it was a nice night so we sat outside on the patio) to pay our tab and get my credit card. I asked the bartender to close my tab and as she turned to the cash register, I saw The Shot. The Oh.My.God. shot. The one-second left, Hail Mary three-pointer to win the game. The bar EXPLODED. I know shots like this have been made before in similar circumstances, but it was amazing to see and to be surrounded by people reacting to something they hardly dared to believe would actually happen. 

Thanks in part to TNT, I’ve been hooked on this Kanye song. Even though it’s about Kanye (because what isn’t? 🙂 ) and being used by TNT/the NBA for all clips, when you listen to it, it’s all LeBron and the Cavs.

So I leave you with this: 

It’s amazing, I’m the reason
Everybody fired up this evening
I’m exhausted, barely breathing
Holding on to what I believe in

I’m a monster, I’m a maven
I know this world is changin’
Never gave in, never gave up
I’m the only thing I’m afraid of

No matter what you’ll never take that from me
My reign is as far as your eyes can see

I’m amazin’, yeah, I’m all that
If I ain’t on my grind then what you call that?
Victorious, yeah, we warriors
We make history, strive off victory

It’s amazing, so amazing.


*Not her real name. You know my rules, people!

quoted from text from the boyfriend at 11:32 tonight