So grades are up and it appears that I will indeed be graduating on Sunday (i.e. I did not fail). Rock on. I am likely going to disappear for the next few days because a) the packing plan is still stuck approximately where it was when last we discussed it, b) the family is touching down in T minus 20-ish hours, c) I have four separate people coming between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning to pick up things I sold online (I was not on top of booking the service elevator and so that was the only time it was available), d) the boyfriend will be around and he 1) does not know about the blog and 2) will not appreciate me sitting around blogging while he packs, e) GRADUATION – it is an all day affair, and f) loading the cars/driving six-ish hours home/unpacking/getting settled back at home. But never you fear. Once I am settled back at home, we have tons to discuss: law school, graduation, grades, where I’ve been when I’ve said I was working, selling things online, Rock of Love Charm School, etc. etc. I will also finish the introductions to the main characters you are likely to meet around here. So stick around.

Until then, I leave you with a picture post showing a pile of things pre-getting wrapped up in packing paper and stuck in a box.

stuffSo we have:

1) the fiestaware creamer/sugar bowl set. My mom gives me a piece every year for Christmas.

2) Carved wooden box from the boyfriend’s & my trip to Costa Rica during spring break ’08.

3) Wooden bowl from our trip to Sicily this past fall for the boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. 

4) Pottery vase from our trip to Peru during spring break ’07.

5) Stone vase from my trip to Greece with the family during summer ’07 (I studied in London for the summer and then met up with the family in Greece before returning to the States).

6) Blue and white clay vase made by the Bro in his art class during his senior year of high school. Isn’t it good? I was very impressed. 

So off I go to finish packing. I may be drinking wine while I do this. The boyfriend will be oh-so-thrilled when he gets here 🙂 (he has had a very long & tough week at work – it was up in the air until a little bit ago as to whether or not he’d actually be able to come. Which would have been a pretty big issue since he missed my college graduation for his brother’s bachelor party).


And I’m DONE! I think the final went pretty well yesterday, but it was incredibly long so by the time it was all over and done all I had the energy to do last night was sit on the couch and watch the Amazing Race finale from Sunday with my friend D and drink beers. The last couple of days are also really catching up with me – I didn’t sleep well Sunday night because of the standard “what if I sleep through my alarm and miss my exam” panic (never-you-mind that my exam was at 1:30) and last night I couldn’t fall asleep because, despite the beers, I was still all hyped up with exam adrenaline. So now I’m tired. I wanted to go to yoga tonight, but I’m not sure that I’m going to leave work in time. 

I remembered Sunday night that I had an update on the Q situation for you all that I find quite amusing/disturbing, but I had already posted, what?, 3 times on Sunday and decided I should make some pretense of actually studying. Although he has still not told M of his intention to break up with her, he is apparently acting not only like they have broken up and started doing so right around when he told the boyfriend of his decision, but also is acting like M broke up with him. When Q was visiting the boyfriend he and the boyfriend went to the same bar that we went to with the boyfriend’s ex-office mate Friday night. When we were there, the same bartender was there and came over to ask about Q – turns out Q spent the whole night flirting with her. In addition, he annoyed everyone in the bar by hijacking the jukebox to play maudlin “breakup music” all night (including repeating certain songs as he felt he needed them). Apparently Stevie Nicks is the only woman that truly understands Q – and Silver Springs is the only song that truly speaks to where Q is now. Awesome. Poor M.

So I have lots of grand ideas of things I want to write about, but all are being put on hold until I get through my antitrust final. Turns out launching a blog and studying for finals do not mesh particularly well…

Stay with me though! I’m fun, promise 🙂