Last I left you, I was preparing to drive some things (1 armchair, 1 ottoman, some very nice wooden folding chairs, 2 folding bookshelves, 2 bar stools, and my Christmas tree – yes I am an awesome packer, thank you very much) to New York to move into the boyfriend’s parents’ basement until next fall when they will hopefully come to live in my lovely new apartment. This is pretty much all of the big stuff I’m keeping (hello? NYC apartments are teeny-tiny) except my bed which I love (hmmm…perhaps this would be a good excuse for a picture!) so I’ve been in the process of selling my other furniture and have made a half-hearted effort to pack a few things up. I still have one more final tomorrow, so I have packed exactly 2 boxes. Which means next week is going to be FUN!

My bed – isn’t it lovely? I know it’s a little girly, but I think the girly factor would be taken down by a nice solid color comforter which I will invest in once I start earning a real paycheck again. I got it on sale for $70 when I moved into my first real apartment after undergrad so I’m keeping it around for the time being. 

Bed Frame

Anyway, so I ended up not being able to leave until around 4:30 which did not make me happy because if you have any experience with DC traffic you know just how horrendous it can be from about 2 – 7 on any given day. And it was – to an extent. I sat on 495 (the beltway) for about an hour, trying to go 20 miles. However, I got really lucky and once I got on 95, everything was smooth sailing. By leaving so late, I also avoided NYC traffic, which was nice because the only thing worse than DC traffic is New York traffic. The drive ended up taking me just about 5 hours. I made up a little time by using my wonderful new EZ Pass which I am in LOVE with. All those people waiting to pay cashiers? Sucked to be them – I sailed on past.

FYI: Getting an EZ Pass is free and they work in most states that I am aware of on the East Coast. The only problem with the EZ Pass is that it’s not a centralized system, so you basically have to pick one state to get it through (but then it works in every state that has EZ Pass). You can set it up to automatically link to your credit card, so you always have a set amount of money available on it (I do $25, although I added a little extra for this trip because the tolls on the trip from DC to New York add up quickly – it is not a cheap trip!). Anyway, I had always thought I didn’t need one because most of the roads I use regularly around DC are not toll roads and Ohio doesn’t use EZ Pass (coming in Summer 2009!), but I have to say if you are going on a trip where you know there are going to be a lot of toll roads, it really does make the trip easier. 

Now that you think I’m an EZ Pass employee or something, back to the trip. So I got to the boyfriend’s parents’ house on Long Island around 9:30. The boyfriend insisted on taking the train out to help me, but I beat him there by about 30 minutes, giving me time to get everything except the chair unloaded. He carries the chair down to the basement and we hopped back on the LIRR and went back home to the city (I left my car at his parents’ house to save on parking – his parents were out of town until yesterday – he was going home for Mother’s Day anyway, so it made sense). 

Friday I hung around the apartment and studied while the boyfriend was off at work being busy and important, then met him at Cipriani Le Specialità for lunch because he has been wanting to try it. The food was good – he got pasta and I got a salad and we split two mini fruit tarts for desert – but it didn’t really stand out to me. I think part of the problem was that they listed all these awesome, unique salad mix-ins, but didn’t have a lot of them actually available. Still, I’m sure we’ll go back at some point. Their sandwiches looked really good so maybe that’s what I’ll try next time. Our firms are relatively close to each other, so we’re able to meet up for lunch pretty easily which is nice. After lunch I went back with him to the office to see his new solo office (the boyfriend is moving up in the world!), but I always feel awkward around there in street clothes, so I hightailed it out pretty quickly (I may have also wanted to get a pedicure. Details).

Dinner was something I had been looking forward to ALL week – Sushi Yasuda. The boyfriend took me to celebrate my upcoming (fingers crossed that no exams were failed) graduation. There are really no words to describe my love of Yasuda. I actually told the boyfriend that if he were ever thinking about proposing, Yasuda would actually be an excellent place to do it (His exact response: “You’re crazy. A sushi restaurant in Midtown Manhattan with people sitting less than a foot away from us? Really?).

But I digress. Even though it’s one of the best sushi restaurants in New York (ask Anthony Bourdain!) and you could easily run up an extremely high bill, they also have a great pre fixe menu for $25/person (soup or salad, 5 pieces of sushi (nigiri), 2 rolls, tea and mochi) so the boyfriend and I are able to indulge every couple of weeks or so. He never finishes all of the sushi that’s included (more for me!), although I usually get 2 or 3 extra pieces. Friday was probably my favorite meal I’ve had there so far – whenever we go, I always like to try different things based on what they are recommending on a given day and sometimes I try something that I’m not crazy about, but I loved everything on Friday. It was all SO fresh and the taste & texture were phenomenal. I left a happy, happy girl.*

We ate dinner relatively early and the plan was to go back to the apartment and study (the boyfriend is taking the CFA exam this summer and is starting to feel pressed for time – I obviously have the final tomorrow), but somehow when we got back, the tv got turned on to the Yankees game (for the boyfriend) and the computer screen covered with some handbag sites (the boyfriend’s parents’ have generously offered to get me a nice leather tote for work as a graduation present) and when the boyfriend’s former office mate called to see if we wanted to grab a drink with him and his wife, he didn’t have to twist our arms too hard (plus we’ve been saying we’d get together with this couple for months now and haven’t so we were feeling a little guilty). One drink turned into several beers for the boyfriend and former officemate C. I nursed a Maker’s for a good chunk of the evening, but then when I suggested heading home around midnight, somehow a vodka redbull showed up in front of me. One more of those, approximately $20 on the jukebox (who doesn’t love a little Take Me Home Tonight/More Than a Feeling/Living On A Prayer/More Than a Feeling/Sweet Caroline/etc. medley? That’s what I thought) and we found ourselves headed home at 4 am (which created serious complications for our study all morning plan). Good times though. 

I finally got on the road around 6 yesterday , had an uneventful and quick drive back to DC and am now settled in, studying for tomorrow. Well, actually I’m blogging. But I swear I’m going back to the books right now…Wish me luck!

*What did we get, might you ask? Fluke, hamachi, orato, spanish mackerel, and tuna. Hamachi and spanish mackerel rolls. I also got arctic char, a second type of yellowtail, and tasmanian trout. yum yum yum.