So I have all these posts in my head introducing myself and talking about blog philosophy (how pretentious does that sound?) but at this point in time there is still NO time. Meaning, while antitrust is done (we shall discuss this more at a later point in time) and family law is done (12,600 characters limit? again, we shall discuss), Law of the Sea (pirates!) is tomorrow and it is closed book and SERIOUSLY scary, so for right now, just a quick post so I get in the habit of posting and maybe entertaining people, because that’s the point of all this isn’t it?

So this is where you meet my mother. She is seriously awesome in many, many ways, but, as you will see, she is a wee bit opinionated.

Case in point, conversation this morning. I am contemplating getting my hair cut because it’s getting long and as much fun as that is in the summer…no (I am thinking the collarbone length cut Gwenyth Paltrow was (is?) supporting for awhile which, yes Plum Sykes/Vogue, I realize is perhaps a bit done at this point, but I can’t help it – I love it). Anyways, I tell my mother this:

The Madre: Your hair always looks cute short. As long as you don’t get those bangs [said like “bangs” is a dirty word, which perhaps it is in some contexts, but not this one] again.*

Fifi: Nope. The bangs are almost grown out.

The Madre: Thank God. They were horrible. You looked like you were 12.

Fifi: Actually, I got lots of compliments on them. 

The Madre: That’s just what people were telling you. They were bad. Trust me.

Fifi: Hmmm. I think that’s just your opinion.

The Madre: No, it’s an objective fact.

Fifi: Nope. Pretty sure that’s called an opinion.

The Madre: Fact.

Looks like someone’s getting a dictionary for Mother’s Day.


*Mohammad who cuts my hair talked me into bangs back in September. While they were fun for a little while, they are actually annoying as hell so I will be very happy when they are grown out. Do I tell my mother this? Of course not. Mother/Daughter Relationships 101.