Note: I am working on Part 2 of the “Main Characters” series in which you will get to meet the boyfriend and his family. I feel slightly bad that I may have left you all with the wrong impression of the boyfriend in my last post. Yes, he drives me nuts sometimes and yes, he was being an idiot the other night and yes, the root of what we were disagreeing about was something that we keep coming back to in our relationship, (his view of my priorities vs. my view of my priorities, which is obviously the correct one; he also tends to shut down when there is a problem, big or small/related to us or not related to us,  instead of being willing to talk it out – he knows this is bugs me and that I need him to tell me he’s upset – we don’t have to have a heart-to-heart, but I can’t deal with the “everything’s fine” when obviously it’s not thing – so I know what’s going on), BUT he is fundamentally a very good guy. Part of what I want to explore in this blog is where I am at in terms of my relationship and my life. We’re at the point in both areas where marriage is something that is on the table and we need to figure out if that’s really where we’re going. Certainly neither one of us is perfect and I don’t know that our issues (we really RARELY fight because we both tend to be go-with-the-flow/move on quickly people, but when we do, it ALWAYS comes back to the same three or four themes) are deal-breaker issues. At the same time, the fact that the same  issues keep coming up in our relationship means, I think, that we need to deal with them definitively (basically, it’s fish or cut bait time). For the most part, none of them are really big issues To give you all an example before I drive you nuts with all this vague “issues” talk – I tend to be more independent than he is. When we’re together, he wants to include me in everything he does, even when it doesn’t really make sense (although it is very sweet). For example, he’ll come down to DC and some of his friends from school will want him to go out for a guy’s night which is absolutely fine with me. But he’ll turn it into an either/or thing – either I come too (because “they really want to see you too!” (no, actually, they don’t, especially when they are all leaving their girlfriends at home)) or he doesn’t go. I realize that part of this is the long-distance thing, but it’s also been a problem when we live in the same city together. So it’s things like that we are sorting out. And the thing is, I don’t know that you ever get/should expect the 100% absolutely perfect relationship, so maybe I should just nitpick less. I don’t know. 

Well I have managed to get myself completely off topic. This was supposed to be just a brief note before I told you where I disappeared to for the last couple of days, but it’s turned into its own little post. I think in order to avoid a ridiculously long post, this is getting broken into two parts. Part 2 to follow shortly!


So I’m a taking a (let’s be completely honest, not well-deserved) break from studying, eating dinner, and watching House Hunters. The episode now is an engaged couple looking for their first home together. One half is currently complaining that he is tired of being in a long distance relationship because he has to drive (wait for it) TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES to see his fiancee. 

Apparently I have located another person who could use a dictionary. For reasons that will become apparent when I get around to posting a getting to know me post, I do not define “long distance” as twenty minutes. I mean, really? I don’t think twenty minutes even qualifies as “inconvenient.” It’s like, dude, hop on the bus to New York every other weekend for 2 years and then we’ll talk.