So if you follow me on twitter, you know that I found out yesterday that I passed the New York Bar (insert cheering, jumping up and down, screams of joy, etc.). This means, of course, amongst other things that I get to keep my job and can start chipping away at those law school loans. But that all is really another story for another post.

Instead, let us discuss how I celebrated passing the Bar. I’m sure you’re thinking it involved shots. And it did, if a shot of NyQuil before I crawled into bed counts. Because apparently I am old and LAME.

This was supposed to be an awesome week of getting to know new co-workers and fun. Instead, when I got on the train Tuesday morning, I found myself out for the count. What had been a couple of coughs Monday night was now full fledged hacking fests on the train. I could barely get off the train my body ached so much. I thought it was the flu, possibly of the porcine variety (and weren’t my co-workers just going to LOVE me?).

But then I took some more medicine, got a good night’s sleep, and felt a million times better. Except for one, minor detail. My throat is burning with the fire of Hades and I cannot swallow without said fires rushing up the sides of my face. Oh tonsils, I love you so.

Of course, that is my self diagnosis based on the fact that I have had tonsil flare ups before. They don’t happen very often and are usually triggered by something else (example: when I had my nose fixed after I broke it in high school – no I did not have a nose job! – the anesthesiologist scraped my tonsils with the tube and they got infected. I have never known such burning searing throat pain). If I had to guess this time around, I think it might have something to do with the fact that I had a little too much to drink on Halloween and ended up throwing up (no judgment! However, it is of note that I normally have a cast iron stomach and have thrown up less than ten times,life so it is quite possible I brought this on myself*). So I think that probably did not make the tonsils very happy and coupled with the 24 hour bug I had earlier in the week and the hacking cough that went with it and all the germs THAT was spreading around, the tonsils were just F this shit. Payback’s a bitch (OF COURSE my body parts have personalities. Yours don’t?).

Anyway, I realized last night that the throat thing was not getting better and was likely not going to go away on its own and that I should deal with this before I spent another night laying awake in bed because my throat hurts so much it makes me want to cry.

However, there really aren’t any good options. I didn’t have a primary care physician while I was here because I could go to the student health clinic. I also had a car then. All the urgent care clinics in the area, including the CVS option, are all drive-to only (take a minute to consider DC populations for a minute and then wonder if this isn’t intentional). That said, I did finally find one place in Dupont.

The place was a dump, but the nurse practioner seemed nice and competant enough. Of course, she spent about five minutes with me and basically just let me spout off my self diagnosis, glanced at my throat, and wrote me a prescription for amoxicillian. (Hopefully, the self diagnosis was correct).

We then come to the second part of the problem in that I still haven’t gotten my insurance card and you have to have an insurance card- you can’t just give them numbers. Therefore, this little quicky visit cost me $175.

Yes, you read that right. $175 for a prescription because, let’s kid no one, there was no diagnosis/ consultation here.

Which, hopefully, my insurance will reimburse some of. But it made me feel HORRIBLE for the people who were there who clearly had no other choice. And, I mean, these weren’t even really the people who have no choice- these people could afford the ridiculous $175 fee. But that doesn’t mean that they deserve to be ripped off and get substandard care.

Now clearly I can afford this if they make me pay it myself, although it will make me cranky and will mean that the black slouchy bag for work that I was going to treat myself to remains in my dreams and not my hands. But the whole thing just makes me mad. I don’t understand why these situations are getting lost in the healthcare debate and why people are obsessing over abortion again. I don’t understand why people are clinging so desperately to a system that is broken and has been broken for a long time under the guise of personal choice. And I know how lucky I am to have insurance, and relatively decent insurance at that, but I’m tired of paying outrageous premiums for insurance that will only cover 90 percent if I get sick or am in an accident.** I really thought Obama had the balls to say “screw you” to the insurance companies, even it meant only being a one-term president, if it meant real change. Apparently he’s just another interchangeable politician though.


*this is where you insert the boyfriend gloating somewhat annoyingly because you know what his halloween costume was? Man on couch in sweats watching the Yankees. Because he is too cool for halloween.
**although, don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy that this insurance will pay for my birth control without turning into a huge big deal (I’m looking at you and your draconian big-brother-esque policy of denying birth control coverage to employees because of the church. I don’t need you to decide which prescriptions I can have in order to save my soul. I can do that on my own


While I was at the gym unwinding post-practice MBE, I was flipping through the channels looking for a Law&Order rerun to indulge in while putting in my time on the elliptical (I loves me some L&O at the gym), when I stumbled upon one of the talking head programs where they had a guest on from, I believe, one of the “Support Sarah!” groups. I was only able to stomach about 2 minutes before flipping away, but in those 2 minutes I did learn TONS about what it means to be a woman. Apparently, SP quit resigned because she is a woman and sometimes women need to put their families first and be with them and all the evil people who wondered why on earth SP is abandoning her freely chosen and pursued duties and obligations to the state of Alaska liberals spreading lies about investigations and corruption need to understand that women need to be home for their families and that SP is actually standing up for women by letting the world know that women CAN’T have it all and that “having it all” is just an evil lie that the family-haters on the left like to spread.*

And there I was thinking that she just decided that just being governor of Alaska was no fun anymore and selfishly decided she wanted to go cash in on the national level. But it turns out she has a message. I’m glad we cleared that up.

I still call shenanigans.

*I’m not saying that acknowledging that it is damn hard for PEOPLE to have it all (i.e. career, family, etc.) is a bad thing – it’s that WOMEN can’t have it all. What exactly is Todd doing again these days? Right.

**Edited to add: I realize that perhaps this sounds a bit harsh. I’m clearly not a huge SP supporter – the lack of awareness she demonstrated during the campaign was a wee bit disheartening and I do think that she is a bit of a special, special princess who is happy to do things/say things to/about her opponents that aren’t necessary completely on the up&up, but who then screams bloody murder when the same things are said about/done to her/things aren’t going her way/people challenge her. That said, although I don’t agree with her politics, I fully support her having whatever beliefs she wants. What she’s doing now, however, REALLY bothers me. It’s one thing to not run for reelection – it’s another to quit in the middle of her term. She doesn’t think this is going to F things up in Alaska a bit? She had a DUTY and she’s walking away from that and that’s a big fat FAIL in my book. (Sorry for all the caps. I realize that might be a bit annoying).

And if this is because she’s tired of waiting and wants to move on to bigger and better things? She was a freakin’ governor. There are only 50 of them. That’s pretty damn special in my book. (Seriously, Alaska, call me. I have a law degree. We could make this work).


I refrained from writing about this on here because a) I would really, really like her to go away because I find her incredibly annoying in a hypocritical and famewhorey kind of way, but know that she won’t so long as she is getting publicity and b) find her/the whole situation to be something of a tempest in a teacup. Regardless of her personal beliefs (which while I disagree with them, fully respect her rights to think as she wishes), the woman is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Her “answer,” while no Miss Teen South Carolina, was just stupid. I realize these competitions aren’t, say, moot court competitions, where an intelligent and well-thought out answer taking a strong position is expected, but I still think believe that if these women are supposed to be role models for young girls, their answers shouldn’t rest on “I believe.” If anything, we should all have just shook our heads over that and moved on.

But ANYWAY. So I think it is good that she is being fired, not for her beliefs, but for failing to, you know, actually fulfill her contractual obligations (although I’m sure Fox News won’t spin it that way). Because she had a job and she (and, fyi, when you are employed, the people who employ you do get to “pick and chose [sic] the the [sic] things YOU want me to do” I am sure the Fox News people, or whoever choose to extend your 15 minutes, will also pick and choose the things they will require you to do). In the real world, you don’t get second chances like she did. Let this be a lesson to all: do not bite the hand that feeds (employs) you. There are rules in the real world, people, and they must be followed.

Note: I also started a post, while it was still topical, talking about the CA Supreme Court decision re: Prop. 8 because all the celebrities and talking heads going on and on about how the CA Supreme Court failed them was getting real old (the issue before the Court was not about rights! It was about procedure! The Court couldn’t do anything other than what it did!), but then Clay Aiken went and said everything I was thinking and did it better than I was doing it. Embarrassing, really.

Just in case you haven’t figured out where I stand on all this, let’s just say that California and I have not been on speaking terms since Nov. 4, because I am VERY, VERY disappointed in it. Let this serve as a warning to other states who want to stay on my good side.

There are really no adequate words.

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