Have not finished the post on my day yesterday, so here are just some random thoughts to tide you over until my next real post:

-Just read Perez Hilton’s statement. I’m not sure what happened exactly to warrant the whole altercation, nor do I really care, but, regardless of what he said or how he annoys/pisses off people, clearly no one “deserves” to be beaten up like that. I’m using quotation marks because of all the justifications for the aggressor’s behavior floating around. Violence is NOT okay people and nothing is going to make behavior like that okay. If PH were a woman, say, Joan Rivers, we would all be calling for the aggressor’s head right now. That said, I had a bigger point here: I was very surprised in his statement that PH said that he “chose the most hurtful word I know to hurl at [Will.I.Am].” How f’ing depressing is it that we are still in a place where faggot/fag is used as an insult like that by a gay man? The Madre was watching some show on TV last night where they were talking about that word and one character was trying to explain away his use of it by saying that faggot isn’t a slur against gays – it’s just a word guys use instead of pussy. Because clearly that would make it okay. But that’s how PH was using it too and I find it sad that we as a society are still in that place. No black man is going to use the N-word as as insult against someone of another race, so why is the F-word still okay? It’s ridiculous. Unless, of course, you are using “fag” instead of cigarette, which then we’re cool.

-I have not watched Jon and Kate beyond a few minutes here and there while flipping channels and recently, clips on websites like jezebel, so maybe I’m crazy to assume that while Kate may be a bitch or controlling or maybe just Type-A which is totally fine or whatever, she’s probably NOT the antichrist, but I’m kind of shocked by the amount of “Kate’s a shrew so she deserves this” on the internets today. Jon seems like a complete tool – the Ed Hardy, the earrings, the “I’m just 32” whining and I don’t get why he’s getting a free pass. Maybe this isn’t the life he wanted, but it’s the life he’s got and, even if he’d rather be out playing with 23 year olds in bars, he’s an adult with 8 kids who love and depend on it and he needs to act like a father and a role model, instead of another child. He needs to put his kids before anything else, including his lost barhopping/slutting it up years, and, no matter how controlling/selfish/bitchy/whatever Kate is, I can’t give that self-centered, instant gratification-seeking behavior a pass and I don’t understand why so many people want to see him as a victim. I just want to tell him to grow a pair.

-Am currently watching the teenage pregnancy special on ABC and I may have watched the first 2 episodes of the MTV series. I have no idea why I found this topic so compelling. It’s sad stuff. And very annoying to see the majority of the men (let’s be honest – boys) involved just walk away.