Minor updates today.

More beam:

And more walls in the bathroom:


When you walk in and see this:

you know some progress has been made!

The rest of the wall is gone:

and the thinset is gone:

(unfortunately it appears to be plywood underneath – not more nice oak, but that is a minor setback.)

The kitchen tile is gone:

The beam was attacked:

And there is lots and lots of debris:

There was lots of progress with the bathroom:

And last but not least, a preview for the future:

Apparently today was a supply shopping day, so no new pictures. Hopefully there will be some updates for you tomorrow!

So this is what the kitchen looked like this morning:

Here’s the floor:

And check out that doorframe:

(that’s the view from the back of the kitchen looking out)

One last view of the closet:

And this is what the kitchen looked like when I checked back in after work today:

The sink is in the living room:

Say goodbye to the closet:

And the doorframe:

And the floor:

Is that wood under there? Hopefully, we’ll find out tomorrow!

The kitchen is not the only place where there were big changes today. Let’s take a look at the bathroom, shall we?

Remember the hamper? That’s gone now.

Just in case it wasn’t clear how BIG what happened today was, I leave you with a shot of everything they got rid of. Check back tomorrow for more updates!

The contractor comes tomorrow and the renovations of the apartment officially commence! I say officially because the boyfriend and I spent 4 hours yesterday taking the tile off the walls of the bathroom (aided only be some instructions on the internets. We are handy people), but Day 1 is really tomorrow when the pros come in and start knocking down walls. Clearly this blog is sorely in need of updating on a regular basis and I would like to have a record of the renovations and this whole process, so the blog is going to temporarily become a renovations blog. There are still things which much be purchased, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

Now without further ado, let me introduce you to the apartment (apologies for the berry pictures – I have not been able to locate my card reader):

THIS is what the apartment looked like when the tenant was moving out:


Living Room:


Check out all these tiles in the bathroom:

and picture them covering ALL the walls.

They were not in great shape:

Now for the bathroom, AFTER:

Look at all these tiles! And, shockingly, we got most of them off intact. I was proud of us.

And here’s the living room post-appliance and cabinet delivery (not much visible difference there, I know!):

You may be asking, where is that all going to go? (at least that’s what the Boyfriend was asking.)

Check back tomorrow night to see!