Even though I just got the BlackBerry a week and a half ago, it was not holding a charge the way it should. Everyone I know who has a Berry can go days without charging, so the fact that my Berry could only go four, five hours without flashing the yellowish-green light of death and cutting off my email and internet access was not so good. Also, although I’m not doing it now and really would like to avoid doing so whenever possible, there will be times in my legal career when I am at work ten, twelve hours and a BlackBerry that doesn’t hold a charge is just not going to cut it.

So, of course, there is no way to remedy this without actually going to the Verizon store. I did call though, just to be sure, and the tech on the phone told me it was no big deal, they would just switch out the battery at the store.

And I went. They were understaffed, as always (I love that they waste one person checking people in. I can use a cell phone. I can check myself in). The tech guy I got was trying to juggle two customers at once and he was super-snotty from the start. I explained that my Berry was not holding a charge (super nicely, of course) and I got this in response:

“Well you’re syncing your email to your BlackBerry. You cannot expect it to hold a charge if you do that.”

Seriously? Because, if I’m not mistaken, syncing email is the whole f-ing point of the BlackBerry. I am not carrying this thing around for fun. I am carrying it around so I can get my work email at any time and as soon as it is sent and received.

I pointed this out to the tech guy (again, very nicely!) and we finally agreed that we’re would just try a new battery and see if that made any difference (even though he assured me it will not). Whatever. I still got my way and got my new battery.

Although the tech guy did have to have the last word: He told me that even if it wasn’t the email thing draining the battery, it was surely the fact that I have the Berry set on vibrate.

OF COURSE. Why didn’t I think of that???

WHY?!? (insert long, wretched-sounding scream, followed by: NOOOOOOOO!)

My AppleTV has decided that it needs to completely resync with iTunes and is reloading EVERYTHING. This is roughly 2297 songs and episodes of TV shows. Which means it is taking forever.

My studying would be going much better if my AppleTV were up and running and I could listen to music. I am distracting myself from this annoyance by ordering pizza.